Ireland, United Kingdom · 19 Days · 22 Moments · March 2018

Sandra's voyage in Ireland

7 April 2018

Pretty neat day, first off we decided that we’d check out another castle. So glad we did, it was called Dunluce ... castle. A very impressive ruin on a very impressive price of land. While we wandered around we could help but wonder, how the bloody hell they kept themselves warm. Huge stone walls and stone floors, and just open fireplaces for warmth. Spose, they were much tougher than us. As the day was lovely and sunny, if not particularly warm we decided to walk around the Giants Causeway. Unbelievable rock formations and an unbelievable amount of tourists. Us included, Our next stop was Belfast as we decided that we should go see the worlds most amazing museum,, well. Unfortunately it didn’t tickle either of our imaginations and we left feeling very let down. Spent the night in Cavan and then we’ve ended up back in Dublin for our last few days.

4 April 2018

What a great place to spend a really miserable Irish, spring day, sitting in the warm, watching movies. Nice. Up and about the next day and headed off along the wild Atlantic way, more magnificent scenery and some really cold weather. Bliss. We ended our day off somewhere or other! Warm and clean, but pretty uninspiring. Today,we’ve just meandered along up to the Giants Causeway. We’re staying on the beach, mind you we won’t be bothered with having a swim, seeing as it’s only 6 degrees and less. Today we found a viewing point and almost got blown away. Once back to the car we couldn’t shut the doors, it was so windy. Buggar the coffee cart. He can go without our order.. far too windy to bother. We accidentally happened upon another wild life area, and saw a mass of the Greenland geese and a mass of swans. These ones had yellow beaks, the other ones we saw earlier had orange beaks. So wonderful. We are now in port rush for the night and will head off to the causeway tomorrow.

2 April 2018

Yesterday, once we left Doolin we headed off towards Donegal, via another megalithic village. Unfortunately this one has been ruined by OH & S so we couldn’t see the best bits. Still it’s certainly amazing to think that these burial sites have been there for over three thousand years. The scenery once again was stunning. Once we arrived in Donegal, and managed to skirt our way around all the bloody tourists, we had a pretty ordinary lunch and then headed off to go around and around the lough until we found the B and B we wanted. Thankfully, we persevered as it’s great. We are planning on a free day.

1 April 2018

31 March 2018

Next stop on our little adventure, was a little village which solely relys on tourists coming to see the Cliffs of Moher. It’s called Doolin. Cute little place with more BAnd Bs than you can poke a stick at. We booked a ticket on a cruise to see the ocean side of the Cliffs. Pretty amazing. Didn’t see a puffin though. One day I will. We then headed off up to Sligo to hopefully see a few more megalithic villages. But on our way we saw the most rocks we’ve ever seen in an area. They went on for miles.

30 March 2018

Whilst Ken went to the copper museum, I had a bit of a rest and packed up. We’d had a lovely stay in Allihies, the guest house was was close to a little pub, which served great food and Guinness. We had a magnificent sea view from our room and th3 owner was full of tips about the area. Originally we’d decided we’d have a day off, so went for a little drive, except it ended up being four hours. We followed the Atlantic way along the ring of Beara. Just magnificent. We were doubting things could get any more scenic. We were wrong,,, after the museum we decided to take the ring of Kerry way. It started out very ordinary but, then we found the reasons why it is famous. Just bloody beautiful. We took an off road to skeilles hill..... not what it’s called, but can’t remember how to spell it. Magnificent magnificent magnificent. By then we both were pretty tired and headed towards Tralee, hoping we’d find accommodation pretty easily and we did.

28 March 2018

We started off thinking we’d have a rest day,,, but then decided we’d go for a little drive around the ring of Beare. Talk about spectacular. And pretty chilly. I was glad for my two pairs of pants and four layers of jumpers.

27 March 2018

Waterford proved to be a lovely stopover. We made our way to the medieval museum, because that’s the one you shouldn’t miss..... well we could have, but nevertheless it was interesting. We then went to the tower right near the harbour and had a really interesting visit. So old and magnificent, we could even see a cannon ball that was stuck in the wall. Onto Kinsale we drove for the night. Had a good nights sleep, great brekky and headed off to Blarney castle. It was just fabulous. That is ,After we got over the initial shock that it was quite expensive to get into. It was brilliant, the grounds also have been well kept and beautiful to wander around. We ducked across the road and had some lunch in the local pub. And then headed back to the Atlantic way. Bloody hell. It’s amazing. I’m not real sure how people live there, it being so cold and bleak and rocky! We’ve ended up in Allihies. A tiny little village with views for miles.

25 March 2018

We spent another sunny day driving thru magnificent countryside. Although first we walked around the settlement of Glendalough, it is amazing what is left of the buildings seeing as they had been built by hand so long ago. Quite often they are completely intact. We headed off to Wexford, to try and catch the Greenland geese before they migrate back to Greenland as it’s too hot in Ireland now for them. We are happy to say we saw a whole paddock of them. Pretty neat. We also saw a few pairs of swans and a whole bunch of ducks. Once we finished checking out the birds we headed off to Waterford. Had a really quick look at the crystal place and then went and checked in our hotel.

24 March 2018

Never a dull moment with us. I guess that’s just the way it goes. Our guest house was quite ok, the walls were paper thin so when the couple across the hall came home we heard them arguing well into the morning. They did go to sleep for a while only to begin again later in the morning. Didn’t really keep us awake, and you get what you get. We headed off at about 9.30 to visit Trim Castle, it was amazing. We couldn’t imagine how it was built, and the fact that after all this time it’s still standing. From Trim we headed off to see the Tara hill, apart from getting muddy it was pretty uninspiring, we couldn’t get the guist of it as we were just walking on top of it all. After three hours of backwarding and forwarding about we finally happened upon The Wonderful barn. Thankfully it was well worth the effort and once again we were amazed by a structure. Then lastly we have ended the day off at glendalough in a very busy hotel with very lacklustre staff.

23 March 2018

Well. What a day. I slept okaish, Ken didn’t. Hopefully tonight will be better. We had another early brekky and headed off to get some cash changed before we left Dublin. Then caught the bus to the airport to hire a car. Seemly it’s the best place to, so it did make sense to us. So we did. We have ended up with a VW golf. We were a bit worried about it as it kept stalling all the time, so we called help and they said bring it back. The young guy we hired it from and gave us a Navman no charge, said when we want to return the car just press home, we’ll that would have been good, but it had the wrong home in it, and we ended up on our way back to Dublin. Anyway, we did a uey and found our way to car return where Little dude showed amen the right way to drive it and back on the road we were. Found our way to Brú na Bóinne. Bought a heritage pass and waited our turn to visit the site. It was amazing. Simply amazing.
We seem to be having a bit of trouble getting used to the time difference, hopefully we’ll be sorted soon. After a pretty nice break and an awesome coffee, at sparrow twit, we decided to be on our way into Dublin town for a poke around, great idea in theory, but all the things we had in mind to do, weren’t open. So instead we made do with gardens and the college, the college especially was magnificent. ken then trudged along in very good humour to find me a pair of shoes, which we found in the second store. Thank goodness, as I’m sure he wouldn’t have lasted much longer. We went into a fabulous wool store with many, many woollen jumpers, only to ask the extremely grumpy girl, what micron they were, which she almost yelled back. We don’t do micron here!!! So once Ken tried to explain to her that she does. We hightailed it out mighty quick.

22 March 2018

Then the wheels fell off and we found a little cafe and had a bucket of coffee each, we must remember to ask for small. And a bagel, we normally aren’t bagel fans but this one was delicious. Back to our room to sit, and rest we both were pretty exhausted and glad for the rest. Then we went and had a couple of drinks and dinner at a pub called the hairy lemon. Ken had Irish stew and I had Guinness pie. Yummy. Then back t9 our room to go to sleep and wake up two hours later thinking, what now! I managed a better sleep than Ken. Today we are going to hire a car and go off to begin our drive around. Starting off at Brú na Bóinne.

21 March 2018

Dinner and a Guinness for Ken at a little pub somewhere in Dublin. Then back to our room and managed to stay awake until 5pm, but then I started to feel sick because I was so tired, so we just went to sleep.
Onto our next flight after a very short stopover in Doha. Most of it was spent waiting in a line for a shower. Some people take for ever with no care for the waste of water at all. Or other people lined up waiting for them. We had to get a little shuttle train to our gate, then to a bus, for the first time, we had a business class bus, with fancy smancy seats. Talk about royalty.
Not real sure how this new blog thingy works, just hope it works. Anyway, we checked in and popped to the qantas lounge and had a quick bite and then went to board. It truely is a fabulous aeroplane, and our seats are so comfy, and the food and wine isn’t too shabby either. Both of us, despite the little girl behind us being a bit unsettled at times, had a really good sleep.
Started the day off just as our usual Tuesday, with dancing and shopping, then got home and finished packing. We’ve managed to cull our things down to one big bag and a small carry on. It’s easier like this as then Ken only has one big bag to manage, as my wrists just don’t cope with wheeling a bag. We will have plenty to wear, thanks to my friend Danielle, who showed me what I really needed to take. Nikki and the kids took us into the Pelican much to their disgust, because according to Nate, they’d just been to town, and Addison just thinks it’s such a long way. Anyway, we got to check in with masses of time, which I loved. Mum came to say goodbye and then we were on our way to Sydney. Fortunately I hadn’t checked the weather as if I had I would have been super worried as we went through quite a storm and it was pretty bumpy for quite some time. But good old pelican got us there and we grabbed our bags and headed to the t bus. Which now is free.

20 March 2018

So far so good.