United Kingdom, Sweden · 3 Days · 16 Moments · July 2017

Sandra's journi to Sweden

10 July 2017

We left Vaxholm to make our way to Stockholm. Today the sails were up and and was brilliant, though I must say a little scary to begin with. It was quite like sailing a dingy with a tiller but soon got the hang of it, well Phil and Hannah did. The weather was beautiful and the wind just right.
Off for a shower.

9 July 2017

Vaxholm is the small island that a Lennart is the the chairman of. It's beautiful and despite all the facilities being 'open air', well almost, it was brilliant fun.
Phil enjoyed taking the wheel and steering the boat. He was good at it too.
The sun is shinning and we are ready to leave the harbour on our first mini trip to Lennart's little island. First though, a little walk and a trip to the supermarket to try and find vegan food for Hannah.
Our cosy bed!

8 July 2017

A little tour around this small harbour town where Lennart and Sonja have moored the boat. After the little tour we went to visit their daughter and family who has the most stunning views of the archipelago from their home. We then went out for a lovely dinner where Hannah had the most amazing salad. Wish I'd had it! I had risotto as did Hannah G and Phil and the others had burger. All lovey.
We arrived in Sweden to drizzle.
Feeling the early morning start!