Australia, Solomon Islands · 139 Days · 7 Moments · October 2017

Sandra's journi to Solomon Islands

4 March 2018

Just hoping this is working.

25 October 2017

Fabulous Fatboys

18 October 2017

Not real sure what’s going on with my new blog. But I guess I’ll work it out. We didn’t wake up til 9am, then went walking to find somewhere for brekky. Of course we started off in the wrong direction, but eventually popped in a taxi and had coffee and whatnot at a cafe in town. Then we walked on to the vege markets, which where pretty smelly but had heaps of watermelons and bananas. They had a few fish too, but was nearly midday so too hot for them, no ice, just bottles of water and swishy things to keep the flies off. Ebony and I went to sort out going to gizo island tomorrow and then back to our room to see if ken agreed, by the time we got back our flights had gone so had to decide on going on the afternoon flight, and only got those because the girl called and said we are tourists so they will make sure we get a seat. Then we’ll go to fat boys. Which is a little dodgey resort on some island. Seemly very beautiful. Quick trip to a supermarket, where the phone lines where
Our room view.

17 October 2017

It took about an hour because the roads were busy and in dreadful conditions. But we arrived and our hotel is ok, clean but tired.
We finally arrived in Brisbane, to be rushed by the virgin Australia girl into a waiting taxi headed for the international airport. We had two others with us so it wasn’t so stressful. Of course it takes ages to get thru security, but we got pushed ahead when I asked security if we could, but then my passsport didn’t go thru properly so I had to go to a different line, fortunately it was quick. We raced to our gate to be the last on board. I’m pretty sure because we were booked straight thru that we wouldn’t have been left behind. Ebony was waiting there for us, so she’d have been pleased to see us too. The plane to Honiara was only about 3/4s full so we all got three seats each. It was pretty rough in places, but we survived. I’m sure that the customs at Honiara is up there with the most dreadfully slow we’ve been to. Not to worry, we had no where to be. I had to declare my medications but they didn’t care and I went thru. Then we changed some money and grabbed a taxi and headed into

16 October 2017

We stayed at Rydges for the night, had a pretty nice meal and bottle of red with Fairley. Unusual for me but I was awake every hour making sure we didn’t miss the alarm. We didn’t. Checked out and caught the t bus to the domestic airport. We checked our bag in and with a bit of luck it will meet up with us in Honiara. Our flight is delayed as were waiting for a Canadian flight. Which is ok, because that’s what will need to happen for us in Brisbane. Because we’ve booked the flight together the next flight won’t go without us. Ebony is already waiting for us in Brisbane.