United States of America · 6 Days · 21 Moments · May 2016

Sandra's first trip to the US of A!

18 May 2016

Day 4 (2/2) - ... by his wife Jane The church is in the catholic architecture and design but hosts a series of different services (even speeches and lectures) - apparently only alumni can get married in that church - tuition for undergrad is $45k for a year - they follow the quarter system (not semesters) ----- After buying some souvenirs, got into the car and drove to the city centre where pierre showed me where he once lived. We then continued on to the google headquarters where we clandestinely rode the google bikes We followed with a quick visit to the FB headquarters but didnt have the guts to do the same with their blue bikes 😂 We then went to Jillian's bar in downtown SF to watch the first match of the playoffs between the GS warrriors and the Oaklahoma somethings Warriors lost by a couple of points after having the lead for most of the game :( Pierre then took us up to the terrace - a restaurant with a great view at the top of the marriot
Day 4 Went to stanford and fell in love with the campus 😍 I did a guided tour (with a senior called Leigh), spent some time in the amazing bookstore and then went to the top of the hoover tower to enjoy incredible views of the campus from above Cool facts: - full name of the uni: leland stanford junior, named after the stanford's only son who contracted typhoid fever and died whilst on a trip to europe/ turkey - the uni was built on five rules: non-discriminatory, non-secular, non-political, not gender specific and free for all - the last rule was true until 1920 but changed once the fund was depleted - first graduating class was in 1869 - they have incredible sports spirit / have won the sports spirit awarad (name unsure) for over 20 years in a row - the campus fits 96 disneylands - the campus was previously the palo alto stock farm - the main quad (memorial bldg) contains the memorial church, a non-denomination church built in memory of leland stanford sr by...

16 May 2016

Google, FB, and the terrace
Stanford U
Day 3 (2/2) Tomorrow = early morning (5:30am) to palo alto with pierre On the menu: Stanford campus tour Anderson museum (also in stanford) I also booked my yosemite trip (finally) for wednesday! #excited
Day 3 (1/2) Bay to breakers (start at 8:50) Ran to the finish line after having walked the entire thing :p The golden gate park was gorgeous Huge trees like ive never seen hugging the road Came across two windmills of reasons and origins unknown There was a field with buffalos in it - a first for me! Marching band highlight towards the end (neck of golden bridge parc) Walked in the fern forest in golden bridge - a first for pierre as well- and in front of the glass house We'll be going back in the coning days to visit the planetarium Had lunch at burmese restaurant called burma superstar Lovely sesame chicken and pork and pumpkin stew Wasnt a big fan of the dan gyi (noodles) We took the bus to bi-rite - organic shop that sells ice cream Then bus to castro again where we saw the plaques on the sidewalk + visited a random open house Then came home, 10min meditation followed by an unexpected "nap" that lasted more than it should have (5pm to 8:45)
day 2 (2/2) .. Bay to breakers outfits It was funny trying to figure out what shape and dimensions we should to cut to make a cone After a successful mission, we had a lovely dinner of cheese (yuuuummm smoked gouda) salad, wine and tacos + fresh avocado sauce from the same butcher shop where we ate brains Ps: after the brain and boutiqur we went and saw the murals in balmy alley and met Frieda Kahlo watching over a parking meter Learned abt gentrification if the neighborhood
Day 2 (1/2) We started off with an innovative breakfast smoothie (bee pollen ftw) We drove to the community centre and did 1h30 of tai chi After which we took the must-do commemorative video snap outside on the grass xd We drove around to sight-see (bonus: we went down the second steepest of SF's 48hills) and landed ourselves in the farmer's market where we nibbled on fruit and got the food supply for the week! We had lunch at pierre's fav burger place: in n' out- yumz And then parked somewhere in the mission with the intention of grabbing coffee But before that- we stopped at a butcher shop and had taco sesos - yup, that's pig brain tacos And then we stopped by a cool boutique "la gallinita" and i bought myself a made in the USA shirt with cool patterns We finally reached dynamo donuts where we had lovely artisanal donuts and coffee in a secluded back yard full of flowers and mint plants The day ended with us buying the cardboard needed to do the hats/crayon colour for our..

15 May 2016

Bay to breakers

14 May 2016

Dinner + bay to breakers preparations (day2)
The mission, dynamo donuts, brains
The murals in balmy alley + la gallinita
Farmers market
We ended the walk on 18th - whence we came - right in front of Pierre's favorite ice cream shop (where he conveniently picked us up) We passed by Dolores Park on our way back home - a cool community space with tennis, bball, lots of green grass and a nice "bell" at its gates (dont know what the bell symbolizes) Once home we talked like teenage girls for hours on end before finally calling it a night (and rightly so for I had spent 48 sleepless hours thus far), and wishing mum a happy birthday Sanne seems to have prepared a lovely day for me tomorrow From what i gather, on the menu: - tai chi at 9:30 - a tour of silicon valley (Fb and google campuses here income!) - a suprise for lunch Cant wait! Good night
May 13- After an exhausting, spoiled-kid-tantrum-filled 16h flight, I finally arrived to SFO at 2pm local time on Friday the 13th. After a quick coffee at one Emporio Rulli Italian Restaurant, Susanne picked me up and we took a lyft home. It would seem that I passed through customs at unprecedented speed! We then went our merry way for a walk around the city- starting with 18th street down to Castro, the proud territory of the lgbt community, then further to Church & Mission, the latino quarter. There, we stopped by the thrift shop for some costumes for Bay To Breakers (i'm surprised goodwill werent blasting macklemore - guess it got old) The shopping left us sore and hungry. After quick photo opps of the painted ladies and gorgeous murals, we devoured exquisite porc tacos at one El Tequaria Our journey continues to Valencia, a somewhat lesser known portion of the latino quarter - full of independent merchants and hipster shops

13 May 2016

Hipster fabric shop on Valencia
Weird tree grid (around the roots) on Valencia
The painted ladies on Valencia
Cool art on Mission
Gorgeous houses on 18th + fabulous pedestrian crossing on Castro
At Airport then at Pierre and Sanne's