United States of America · 5 Days · 15 Moments · June 2017

Sandie's trip to Portland

18 June 2017

Leaving Seattle for Alaska. Yeah

16 June 2017

Was really hungry for German food. Had schnitzel and German potato salad and pinetti (Not the correct spelling) but the drink with pineapple soaked vodka.
Waiting for dinner at Cafe Kathy's
A tour of Lewis and Clark where Kathy attended college and law school.
Portland is known for its food trucks. It has a well earned reputation. An incredible variety of ethnic foods that are delicious. I had an order from an Ethiopian truck. Did not know Injera Is gluten free. Cathy went Greek and that was great as well.
Love those food trucks.

15 June 2017

Arrived in Portland late morning. So nice to see Kathy and Jude. They took us on a tour around The area. It is beautiful with lots of trees, flowers and grass. It's green everywhere with lots of water.
The view from the back

14 June 2017

Dinner in a small town in Oregon called The Dalles. Very quaint. Reminds me a little of Redlands, California.
Started in New Mexico then Utah, Idaho and Oregon. Still trying to add pics after the fact.
A burrito in Price, Utah. Very good. Would have been better if I had allowed the cheese sauce
Cows lunching in Oregon

13 June 2017

Shiprock NM. Haven't seen terrain like this. Beautiful!!