North America, Asia · 12 Days · 148 Moments · March 2019

Sandee's tour through China

15 March 2019

Pictures of Seoul while we were landing.
Finally on the plane to leave China but I will not get use to their airports, they have a shuttle bring you to an from the plane an those little metal stairs are horrible.
We’ll getting out of china was omg. First to enter airport you go through extensive security check then you get your tickets after that immigration took 1 hour. Then another security check were they make you take off jackets take all battery packs out your phone and then you get frisked, that is the strangest way to leave any airport. Now I wait 2 hours to go to Seoul.

14 March 2019

I fly out tomorrow headed back to the Us.
Pictures of the Bund on the river boat trip.
Pictures of the yuyuan gardens and generals home.
Pictures of the museum.
Today we are in Shanghai. We will be touring the Shanghai museum, Yuyusn gardens, the British concession. We will then have a nice lunch then head over to the Bund area on the Huangpu river were we will have a 1 hour boat ride then get off an explore the French concession. Then tomorrow I start flying back to the US.

13 March 2019

This is a small airport, they actually take you to the plane by bus an then you go up a small staircase.

12 March 2019

Tomorrow we take a flight into Shanghai.
We took a nice look around of the people’s park an had tea.
Also in the park parents hang like a resume up to try to find marriage for their children.
Some pictures of the wide an narrow street.
Then we went to the Jinshu museum were this civilization found no one knows were these people came from since they are not like Chinese people since they worshipped sun an birds.
Went to pandas, they were so cute see pictures.
Today we are going to visit the Giant Pandas, I cant wait for that.
Pictures from the opera show below.

11 March 2019

Just had a hot pot meal my mouth is still on fire. My guide Penny speaks wonderful English, I will send pictures of the show later.
Well we got to the train station in Chengdu an we couldn’t find our guide we called the company an they sent our guide to us, interesting they put 2 Americans on a train with no English speaking people an the station was worse, its a wonder we got to our hotel lol, glad I wasn’t by myself.
Just got on train, we now have a four hour trip to Chengdu.
Today I take a high speed train to Chengdu then later will be picked up by my personal driver an guide to a dinner which is a hot pot meal an then they will take me to a show. Tomorrow we go off with our tour china guide to see the pandas.

10 March 2019

Pictures from the museum from the Tang Dynasty.
Pictures from the mosque but they call it a mosque temple since it resembles all Chinese temples.
Pictures from the city park were we study tai chi and I showed the work out machines-the government has for people to work out, also pictures of the City Wall.
Today we are going to the City Wall Park where we will learn Tai Chi from a master. Then it is off to the Ancient City Wall. Then we will go to lunch, an after that we will visit the Provincial History Museum and the Great Mosque.

9 March 2019

Night lights on the city wall.
Xian dance n music show with a huge dumpling dinner.
Just visited the Wild Goose Pagoda, the monks temple. The bells represents the morning prayer and the drums represent evening prayers. See pictures below.
Out side of museum, sculpture represents Dynasty
Chariots at the museum.
These are from tomb 2 they have not found all of the tombs yet.
These pictures represent the 3rd tomb which was the main head quartes.
Now I have a picture with the farmer who first found the tombs.
Today we went to the Terra-cotta Army built from the Xian Dynasty’s. The first set of pictures is from tomb one,it will take archeologists another 100 years to dig up 470,000 soldier-an repair them
Exit to museum horses show power for Emperor.

8 March 2019

On the run way an the pilot just said he would try to get us to our destination safely. The word TRY is a little scary but its due to visibility, ugh i bet lots of turbulence.
Well I now know what its like to-be frisked the capital airport security was the most extreme i have hit on the trip. Not just wands they actually feel you whole body to make sure your not carrying anything they don’t like. They also hate battery packs an I have all the microphones to hand over to the next guide when we land in xian.
Pictures from the Summer Palace.
Todays family style meal.
Today we will be going to the Summer palace and the Olympic site then we have lunch then fly to Xian.

7 March 2019

Me on the luge.
This morning at the great wall, did not like the cable car up but we got to take a luge down the mountain that was a lot of fun.
Today we go to the great wall.
Yesterday we also visited the forbidden city and we learned that red n gold means high power if on buildings on the Emperor can use those colors. Red is lucky an yellow/ gold means power

6 March 2019

We also took a ride on a rickshaw to the Hudong part of town which are small alley ways. There we learned how to do paper cutting.
We also visited the Temple oh heaven, the building is round because the god of the above is round if it is square the temple would be worshiping the earth.
This was apictue of our lunch at least 15 courses.
Yesterday we visited Tian”anmen square.We could only take pictures from afar since the Emperor was having his yearly convention.

5 March 2019

The actor is painting his face in front of us, I got really lucky its the story of the Monkey King for this opera.
Artist painting his face and being dressed.
And I don’t think I will complain about our traffic in china it is chaos an no one obeys traffic rules. They have motor bikes an regular bikes in there on road lane but they weave in-an out of traffic, I thought my guide was gonna crash into others since they just pull out in front of you with no warning. An I bought a monkey king magnet at the gift shop.
Just had dinner with my guide, he spoke very little English but with the help of his translater it went well. We had so much food 1st baby bok-choy, 2nd was an orange chicken, 3rd was peking duck with wraps an veggies,4th kung pow chicken, 5th was some cabbage dish, an the last was a fruit tray. I have never had that many courses good thing my guide had a good appetite. Now waiting for Opera to start.
Just got a massage,good not to have to take off your close but its more like a deep tissue one in china.but my body feels great. Can,t wait for dinner and an opera tonight.
The pictures are of night and day views of the Great Wall hotel in Beijing.

4 March 2019

The orlando airport is so much better than Seoul
Arrived in Seoul now waiting on flight to china.

3 March 2019

Still have 5 hours left to Seoul. Just finished watching Fantastic beast crimes of Grindelwald no watch clocks in the wall lol this flight is so long.
Still on flight to Seoul, i already watched the nutcracker the 4 kingdoms now watching goosebumps 2.
Planes lining up to go.
Landed in Atlanta the plane ride was like a sardine can, lol.
On my way to Atlanta to start my journey to china.