Spain · 3 Days · 4 Moments · May 2018

San Sebastián, Spain

12 May 2018

Today we were leaving San Sebastián which we were pretty sad about! Dan loooooved it here and spent more time trying to figure out how to live here than anything else haha! I went down and got myself some breakfast after giving the kids theirs (Dans not into breakfast).. tomatoes on toast; I’m unsure what they actually call it but it comes as jarred tomatoes, olive oil and salt and pepper and it’s actually really good! Today we are off to Santillana del Mar which will be a completely different vibe but it’s a stop over on the way to A Coruna and it’s meant to be like an old town preserved in time. We look forward to exploring!

11 May 2018

Today was a very special day. LUKIE TURNED 5!!!! We stayed up and put balloons everywhere for the wee man so he woke up to something special. When he woke he was so excited, especially by the big “5” balloon. After opening his presents, the day was up to him! Play time to start! We got sooo lucky as there was a break in the bad weather and it was 25 degrees!! So we headed to the beach. Lukie and dan had fun playing in the waves together and there was lots of sand castles built! After that it was off to the playground and a few rides of the carousel! Daddy got happy meals for lunch so that was a special treat! After lunch we went back to play with his new toys at his request. We also did his cake which was a big surprise! We managed to convince Lukie to leave his toys for a bit and we went out for dinner. On our way to dinner we came across a guy doing big bubbles which Lukie and Indi were excited about!! We had a lovely dinner and Lucas got his own chocolate mousse!

10 May 2018

Today it was pouring down with rain so we had a bit of a sleep in/chill morning and then decided to go to the aquarium. The kids really love aquariums so we love taking them there. We had fun exploring and they especially loved being able to touch fish in the interactive tank. Once we saw as much as we could see we went on an uneducated hunt for lunch! We luckily stumbled across an awesome wee place right on Concha which served up some great food with a bonus of a great view. After lunch we went back to our apartment and Indi and I went on a hilarious expedition of operation “Lucas cake!”. It was painful as no one spoke English, and I was trying to translate on my phone, luckily after a while an English speaking lady came and helped! I was nearly in tears... along with the fact our little boy turns 5 tomorrow! We ate in tonight as the kids were exhausted, as were we, so I went and got us pizza which was nice!

9 May 2018

Today we drove to San Sebastián! We didn’t know what to expect, we’d had some mixed reviews. We arrived a little late and it was quite hectic to get a park but Dan managed to park down a little street by the home office in a loading zone and we ferried our stuff over into the office and he went and parked the car! We went and grabbed some late lunch as we were all starving, we were kinda flustered so we ended up at a burger place, face palm! After we ate and felt better about life we took our stuff to our apartment and were so impressed with it! We basically dumped our stuff and went exploring. The beach was so close which was awesome (Playa de la Concha), and we found a carousel which the kids of course had to go on! There was a cool playground too. For dinner we experienced our first Pinxtos! The whole concept is crazy but cool, they basically line their counters with tapas! It took us a while to get used to it and our Spanish sucks but we had great sangria!