Spain, France · 27 Days · 29 Moments · July 2017

San Sebastián

29 July 2017

The last sunset and last boulevard gelato run 😪

27 July 2017

Last dinner at Regatta our favorite restaurant which was conveniently across from our apartment...I'll never forget the Basque Cake. You get a two course meal (my favorite was the artichokes and salmon), a half a bottle of wine, and dessert all for 13 €

26 July 2017

Went to the little island out in the bay with my gal pals by ferry! Then went to the beach all day cause it was beautiful 😍

25 July 2017

It was raining all day! Very stormy but still warm out and humid. I went for a 5 mile run in the rain 💪🏼

19 July 2017

Got dinner with maria, her sister, and Patrick! So nice to see her :) she even brought me juice and chocolate as a gift

18 July 2017

Visited a cider house outside of town in San Sebastián. It was very fun and such a cool experience!

17 July 2017

Went to the beach with some friends to watch the sunset 😋

16 July 2017

Stopped at the most beautiful little concert in the park 💃🏼‼️ it was so amazing. The band was really good and played alternative music

15 July 2017

Went on a run at sunset and had to stop to take a few photos 😍
Visited Biarritz, France! And went to the beach and the aquarium :)
Bayonne was the cutest little town with chocolate shops and flags and a renaissance fair and market :) walked around with my friends
Went to Bayonne, France and got a tour of the medieval cathedral

14 July 2017

Went to the beach at sunset with some friends and talked and drank wine. We also got to see a group of loud dads dancing and drinking and having fun on the beach. It was funny

13 July 2017

Tapas and friends!

11 July 2017

Here's some selfies for you
Went to an early bday dinner with these lovely ladies ☺💃🏼 so much fun!
It got sunny later today so we went to the beach !! The water is warm once you go in (like Laguna) and there's no waves. It's very relaxing :)
Today a group of us girls went to the top of a mountain with a janky little amusement park and it was really fun :) I ate cheesecake and everyone drank wine and enjoyed the view

9 July 2017

Went on a morning run then to the beach today for like 4 hours and got very burnt ... but very happy because it hasn't been this sunny in days! Expecting rain the next few days 😓

7 July 2017

We hiked this beautiful island and at the top was a church. At the church was a bell and you ring it 3 times then make a wish. They filmed a portion of "Game of Thrones" here which was cool :) There's also a picture of some of the girls in my program! And my roomies :)
Went to Guernica quickly to see one of the world's first democratic establishments. This is the town that Pablo Picasso painted in his famous painting "Guernica" (shown in the last photo). The whole town was destroyed by German planes dropping bombs on civilians to end the Spanish civil war

6 July 2017

Walked up a trail and saw a castle! I think the hike was called Monte Urgull and it leads up to a giant statue of Jesus which we haven't done yet. Definitely going to go back and explore the trails more
Paella!! Got the full experience of Spain today at lunch with Brooke and Kenzie. Yum :)

5 July 2017

We went out with Brooke to get tapas and they were amazing !!!!! So much fun, we spent hours talking and watching night life in Old town

4 July 2017

Went to the beach for most of the day :) and Brooke came!! Then Kenzie and Brooke went out at night for Tapas and wine in Old Town
Went on my first 3 mile run today along the beach walk! It was beautiful. I also had my first class today and I looooved it :)

3 July 2017

Beautiful 😍😍 I love San Sebastián already!! It was 70 degrees and sunny today. Planning on going to the beach every day especially since it's supposed t get into 90 degrees 🔥
We ate THE best food (already) and it's our first meal here. Actually had chicken for the first time in a week, missed it. We also got gelato which was pretty good too

2 July 2017

Arrived in San Sebastián (aka my home for the next 4 weeks) and it is absolutely beautiful :) I can't wait to start class on Tuesday and meet all the other people tonight at orientation