United States of America · 324 Days · 33 Moments · August 2016

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3 July 2017

This is my cabin my family here but we are leaving already that was quick
Now sense I am out in yellow stone park now I am in a another cabin in a other small town the cabin has a kitchen and a restroom and two queen beds u should this was the best cabin ever

2 July 2017

This is very pretty😘😘

1 July 2017

Look at the pretty flowers
It just explode OMG THIS IS THE BEST
1 more min then BOOM
3 more min πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
It's time for the big geyser to come u it will explode
This geyser is going to explode in 2:28 right now it's 2:24

25 June 2017

This is where the adventure begins

24 June 2017

This is a art of my fav now
This is what the Starbucks looks like in the hotel I am in
My dad said that dad is a coffee shop that it's toy fox and it's also a shit if the balcony it was to say hello if the hotel so I get to see the pool of the balcony that is the hotel that is so cool well I had to order with my dad so I'll see you later guys and I will show u what I ordered soon if I get my food
We are going to Starbucks for a nice drink in the Salt Lake City
Here it is
My dad heard there's a swimming pool in the hotel so I will show u the picture
We are going to the swimming pool I saw at my balcony then we are going to Starbucks so we can order something
My dad said we are changing rooms in the hotel so we did but this room is very different then our last room
This is my. room and I got breakfast but my parents did't let me bring my iPad so I was not able to show u guys the breakfast

23 June 2017

Guess I have got the car for my travel now I am in a hotel it's gonna be awesome
Before we go I am so glad to be landed but actually I am kinda hungry from that flight so this is where I go it's kinda new to me I never end go here before oh well TIME TO EAT!!!
We are so close I am so excited
Man I saw a city maybe we are almost there it must be close enough oh I am so excited to get my Wifi back as we land oh now I will return to this adventure it going to be funπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
This is what the airport looks like in the outside here and also there is the plane
This is the best they also have a tv too man also they have descendants Man I love this day this is all I have to say if u get bad luck u will get good luck again.
Now I am in the airplane I will go to my location after 4hr so that's good if I go to Florida that will take 8hrs. And sense they don't serve food they serve snacks I love snacks. And they don't have Fanta or other drinks they just have water but I like water it healthy.
This is my pack up u will see two backpacks but I also have a twin sister that is 1min older than me. I am 1min younger. Well my sis pack up her things so did I. I am so ready for camp but I hope I don't get lost.
I am packing up right now to go to the place that has yellow national park I am so excitedπŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜ OMG OMG I am so ready for this there will be lots of things when I go there
Let's say I am really exited I never goes to camp before. I know some of u are gone to camp too. Man I was ready for this but I will come back in July 4. Oh goody me well I hope I can buy some stuff from the airport. K samyu just relax and calm I CAN'T THIS IS TAKING TO FAR!!!!! But at least I can have fun.

21 June 2017

In the Airport,I was nervous in the airport I miss my friend Leah she said that there was a pool party in belmart and she invite me but I told her I can't come because I am going to yellow national park.I did'nt know what to do?But it's a good thing that I will spend time with my family πŸ˜„πŸ˜„Now anyway I hope I don't go in two flights because I will be bored but I am not when I got to Hyderabad to meet my other family I have to take two flights it was hard😡😡

14 August 2016

Maybe they will have these birds oh oh maybe I can catch fireflies and play in the rain I did that before and it was fun u really must try it.