United States of America · 276 Days · 59 Moments · September 2015

Samuel's voyage in United States of America

29 June 2016

Putting the rv for sale!

18 March 2016

17 January 2016

New Mexico

15 January 2016

8 January 2016

Made sure our traveling friend is warm and fed
Fml snow

30 December 2015


29 December 2015

Lake Whitney is beautiful!

4 December 2015

We are here!!

3 December 2015

Fml 😭😭😭

1 December 2015

Dinner time!
South Carolina!
Pupalupagus x2

28 November 2015

Can't wait to get the rv Christmas tree!!!!!
Whoo out of Louisiana!!
This makes me hungry
Dear effing Louisiana, Why do your roads suck? Is there a correlation with how DARK it is? Why do you not believe in street lights? Spooky ass bitch

26 November 2015

Just crossed the border into Louisiana. The roads are already shit and I sewer I see people in the trees. Louisiana would be in hufflepuff lol

25 November 2015

We are fuel efficient! Haha

23 November 2015

What happens when you are in a RV and the road ends unexpectedly? You go through the traffic cones and stay straight until you stop! 16 tons does not stop fast #FunTimesWithEllenor

13 November 2015

Dear homeless people of New Orleans, Please stop asking me for some of my drink. Thanks,
Whoo casinos

11 November 2015

Cool bridge. I'm hungry
Off to La! Not Los Angeles lol Needed to escape

25 October 2015

Fuck that motherfucking bastard who listed my rv with no leaks that he knew about. I want to put the same amount of leaks in his vital organs and see if he notices then. This isn't just fun it's my home and life. Fuck with me and I'll make you and your ancestry wish they were never born. #yougladidontknowyouradress

24 October 2015

Uggg dick skipper liar seller. No leaks my ass

23 October 2015

Eleanor has a leak in both slides and the fridge just went out because of a leak. Seriously crying 😭😭😭😭

21 October 2015

Driving home

18 October 2015

The babies
On the road

16 October 2015

Up the mountains to the city of Black Hawk!..... Ryan got a ticket for weaving up the fucking scary ass mountains. Cop was a dickskipper.
Beautiful Pubelo State Park

15 October 2015

Rest stop at 7000ft
Full of gas, propane and water. Good to go!
Yay new show glasses and laundry mats

14 October 2015

Call me collect ;)
Home and clean. Finally named her Eleanor Claire
My babies doing so well!

9 October 2015

Home for a minute. Hopefully Monday we can get the power steering leak fixed Monday and hit the road again.

3 October 2015

Slept in Cabellas parking lot after a very fun night at Dave and Busters. We now know of a major power steering leak. It's bad and scary but have an apt in a couple days and know we can take care of it😭
Day of fixing. Vents, roof, fucking vent bastard. Door step too

2 October 2015

Free wal mart tonight. Today was full of learning. I'm so blessed. We found a baby to park next to

30 September 2015

Fuck Plano😭 I'm tired and hungry.

29 September 2015

Another beautiful morning with yoga. I feel like I should explore but I love being surrounded by water

28 September 2015

Our Hot tub was great
Best meditation spot other than the temple
First morning of finding a great yoga spot
First night of the organized rv

27 September 2015

We made it to our first site!
Lowes and camping tennis
Going to lake Tawakoni for our first camping