North America, Asia · 6 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Samuel's voyage in India

12 June 2017

Here are some pictures from Delhi and the Himalayas! I have had some trouble connecting to WiFi sources (let alone WiFi networks that work well). All of the stories will just have to be told in person I think. I've experienced so much these past days. Time is really going by quickly. Every moment in India is a new experience. It's truly humbling and puts our lavish lifestyles in America into perspective. Though I am recovering from a cold, everything is going well. It's already almost the end of June ! I'm not sure how the time has passed so quickly

7 June 2017

The Dubai airport is truly magnificent. There are a number of people walking around in the traditional Emirate dishdash's. It is almost surreal to see this in real life. The population of the airport is like Ye flight staff - almost strictly made up of people of color. It is interesting to hear the Arabic, Farsi, and other languages being babbled around. I occupied myself by going to the hotel airport's spa to freshen up in the steam room and to shave. Today was quite a James Bond experience. Also I got in my last tastes of beef, ordering a classic Big Mac.

6 June 2017

American Emirates is truly a world-class airlines. Though it was quite long and there was a baby crying for most of it, the flight went quite well. The meals were good, and the attendants were, well, attentive. The seats also recline in a unique way. The back does not simple tilt backwards, but the bottom portion slides forwards simultaneously. Splendid. Now to occupy myself for a few hours