Italy · 3 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

Sam's voyage in Italy

31 July 2017

Stressful yet beautiful Florence 😊
Lots of mosquitos :(
Driving to Florence through gorgeous countryside!

30 July 2017

Now, camping in a campground after finishing a carton of wine that was quite decent and only 1.30 euro! Soo, were set!
Spent the afternoon in Bologna where bolognese comes from. We climbed to the top of a tower in the town Center which went up and up and up! We threw a small paper plane from the top which landed in someone's garden :P then we had tagliatelle Allan bolognese for dinner!
Lunch in Verona and a visit to the lady of the hour! Juliette ;)
Stopped in fair Verona where the star crossed lover met their demise. The town was beautiful with a huge arena! We go a bit lost in the streets among the thousands of people trying to get a glimpse of Juliette's small veranda.
We stayed in the garden of a kind Italian who ended up getting Matt drunk at 8am because I couldn't drive so Matt was drinking on an empty stomach for both of us haha!!

29 July 2017

Updating travel journals, have to remember somehow!
Lunch by the river after a rough nights sleep, time to relax!