North America, South America · 9 Days · 16 Moments · March 2017

Sam's trip to Perú.

1 April 2017

Every local carries a machete when we walked into the jungle so I took this picture on one of the jungle walks.

31 March 2017

These are pictures from monkey island that we visited. There were a lot of cool monkeys and I have some cool videos too but I can't share those on journi. The amazon lodge was extremely hot and humid and electricity was limited and no wifi. It was a good experience but 2 days there was enough.

30 March 2017

Tomorrow we go to the amazon rainforest for 2 days. There will be no wifi and it is the end of our trip. We will be seeing and doing cool stuff like going to monkey island and going on a 4 hour hike. The weather is going to be hot and humid with a high almost at 90.
We went from macchu picchu to Cusco on Wednesday. It was a lot of traveling as macchu picchu is only accessible through one train company and taking a bus from ollantaytambo. In Cusco we went to Pablo seminario's workshop who is a sculptor whose work is in some big American museums. I was able to buy some cool stuff there. After we got to try cuy, or guinea pig, and it was alright. I think it tasted like smoked rib meat but that was just me. We did more shopping in the market later but most of the stuff was just touristy cheap stuff. Today we got to visit a community and learn about a non profit that is working to basically increase economic sufficiency and efficacy. It was pretty interesting and later we got to play soccer and games with the kids and deliver sandwiches.

28 March 2017

These are the initial views of macchu picchu and the tour of the city. It was pretty cool hearing from our tour guide how the city was built. After the tour and lunch we went for 2 hikes for about 3 hours. This made macchu picchu so much cooler and better. At the end I was disappointed to leave because it was so cool. The next pictures are from the hike.

27 March 2017

We went to a weaving demonstration where I got to wear that hand knitted and natural dyed poncho and hat. Next we went to the maras salt ponds which there are 4000 of and are pretty cool. The salt comes from the ground but it is not harvest season, so they are not quite white. Then we went to ollantaytambo which was an Incan fortress and sun temple.

26 March 2017

This was my lunch today. It was Quinoa soup with chicha Morada in the first picture. Chicha morada is a purple corn turned into a sweet drink. Farmers drink an alcoholic beer kind just called chicha. The main course was alpaca which was like a steak but tastier. Last we had helado or ice cream. It was probably my favorite meal so far
Flew to Cusco today. We went to the Temple of the Sun, a converted church and sacsayhuaman which is an Incan temple. There were amazing views from sacsayhuaman as it was a lookout over Cusco which used to be the Incan capital of 300,000 people in the 1400-1500s. Cusco now is home to 450,000 people. The views are great with the mountains in the back

25 March 2017

Cool night in Lima. Wish we could spend another day here. We fly out tomorrow to Cusco. It will be cool to see the more indigenous side of Peru.
Lima has so many different shops, buildings, and businesses. It's fascinating how varied the different buildings are. Everything is also a different color. It seems like neighborhoods barely exist, because an apartment complex can be right next to a soccer field and a small shop.
Lunch was fun today. The picture is of arroz con pollo with papas y aji Amarillo sauce. After lunch we had free time and we were in the plaza de ajedrez or chess plaza. I paid some guy a couple soles and played him in chess. I thought I was going to get crushed but we had to end it in a draw. I had my King and Queen left and he only had his King so I had the advantage. I immersed myself in the culture I guess.
Went to Downtown Lima today. We toured the San Franciscan Church founded by Fransisco Pizarro who conquered the Incas in the early 1500s. We went through the catacombs. Then we went to the government section of Peru. Many are older style architecture from when the Spanish controlled Peru.
Victor picked us up last night. Very good tour guide. This is the view from the hotel this morning.

24 March 2017

Exhausting day of travel. In Miami with the longest flight coming up. I will be relieved when we get to Peru and can relax a little.
Took the bus to Chicago at 2:45 this morning. Flight boards at 8:05 to Miami.