Canada · 24 Days · 31 Moments · September 2015

Sam's trip to Canada

27 September 2015

Went to Kensington Market today which has a really cool vibe. The shut off all the streets so it's just pedestrian walk way and there are bands and street vendors. There is this really old car that has been turned into a garden! So strange but cool.

26 September 2015

More sunset!

25 September 2015

Nathan Phillips Square and city hall in the background which looks like a weird space ship. We saw this on the way to Queens St West which is a really groovy kind of area which reminds me of Fitzroy or Brunswick. Lots of thrifty type shops and yummy food!

23 September 2015

Pretty sunset from the roof of my building!

21 September 2015

Blue Jays Vs. The Yankees I didn't understand any of the game but it was a super fun night. Just got pretty drunk on Canadian Club (my new fave drink, oh so fitting) and ate hotdogs and popcorn! We ended up walking all the way home, there was a bit of a crowd for a while and I had my speakers for some reason in my bag and we just played music the whole way. And busted a few moves!

20 September 2015

And we survived Niagara!
Getting up close and personal with Niagara Falls. This was was where we went towards the Horseshoe Falls. Being right in the middle of this horseshoe shaped wall of water was unbelievable. We got absolutely drenched from the spray of the water! It was so fun!
Then we did the Hornblower boat trip that takes you right up close the Falls. This was by far he highlight of my Niagara trip.
Day 2 at Niagara Falls! The weather was so perfect! It looked truly stunning today.
Went to the Casino in Niagara Falls. Everyone was really hyped until we all realized we hated gambling!

19 September 2015

"Journey behind the falls" tour. We got to go to a observation deck at the base of the Horseshoe Falls and then go through the tunnels under the falls. The tunnel goes about a third of the way around the falls with look outs. The force of the water is just insane. Standing in the tunnel you can just hear it roaring overhead, and the water would spray in through the tunnel. It was awesome!
Mum this one is for you. Doesn't get much more bling
Niagara Falls! It was pretty rainy and overcast but hopefully tomorrow will be nicer. Planning on going in the boat right at the base of the falls!
When you go to the falls but the falls comes to you ☔️
Big night last night

18 September 2015

Emma is officially a Neill Wycik kid!!!
Squirrel encounter 2.0 This little guy was feisty
My pad all did up

17 September 2015

Another Toronto Island adventure!

16 September 2015

Toronto International Film Festival. Went and saw The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne. Amaaaazing
Lunch at Whalburgers, Marky Marks franchise!

15 September 2015

View from the top of my building!

12 September 2015

Hot ride to IKEA

11 September 2015

Went on the exchange student pub crawl. Second stop was the Rockin' Horse Saloon. #ibravedthebull

10 September 2015

Sunset from the apartment I was staying at last week

9 September 2015

My temporary roommate found a litter of kittens in a plastic box behind her building :( They are so cute! This little one was super cuddly!

7 September 2015

We caught the ferry over to Toronto Island late in the afternoon. We went to a cafe and had sangria. By the time we finished it was pretty dark! Would love to go back in good weather and hire a bike, and have a ride around the islands!

6 September 2015

View of the city from the rooftop of Neill-Wycik student residence. We had a BBQ up there. I met Christian and Denis from Germany who were disgusted by our honey and garlic sausages, or "dessert sausages".
Loblaws Grocery store. It's like LaManna on steroids and had giant tubs of margarine! And this is Becky from Manchester in the UK. She is "hilar" as they say.

3 September 2015