United States of America · 4 Days · 23 Moments · November 2017

New Orleans

13 November 2017

I made it back into Champaign! Just got off the train and came across this beautiful scene that is my home. I am happy to have went and happy to be home. It was a wonderful trip full of colorful buildings and people.

11 November 2017

14,000 steps later and my day is done! I am back at the ABNB now. Showered and laying down. I was walking out of the shower at my host said, “baby, can you put some pants on for me?” 🤣 I told her I was heading straight to bed! Goodnight world!
Took a stroll down bourbon street this evening. There was plenty of activity but to be honest it wasn’t what I was looking for. A lot of “big beer” signs, cheap t shirts and some street performers. I listed to some music but didn’t drink any “grenades.” I think I much prefer Frenchmen’s street. And to state another preference, I think I like NOLA in the daytime more than the nightlight. At night things seem to get grimy. But in the day it’s very colorful and friendly.
Octopus ceviche and shrimp and greats. Good but not great. Why do I stray from the oysters. More oysters!
I love to get a haircut while I am on vacation. This was more than a haircut. Also had a beard trim and a hot shave. He must have put the hot towel on my face 10 times while in between moisturizing my face. Very relaxing.
The square is full of artists and performers. Beautiful art to be viewed.
Getting around the city
Taking a break for an Irish coffee

10 November 2017

I am watching this group of white people drink old English and parody the song, “it’s hard out here for a pimp.” All the while an old black man dressed with jewels sits in an electric wheel chair watching. The white people laugh, hysterically.
Hanging out at the French Market waiting for the music to start on Frenchmen’s street. This is the market. A lot of locally made art. There is a lot of photography. What I’ve noticed about the photography, for me at least, is the most powerful photographs are that of people in the NOLA environment. The people is what makes the photograph. I certainly will try and capture that while I am here.
Ate 30 oysters. 20 fresh and 10 deliciously char broiled in butter, Parmesan and garlic. Also drank some cold gin martinis and got some great advice on where to go.
Home sweet home. There is room for probably 20 people to sleep here. There’s all sorts of good will type art hanging on the walls. It does feel secure but the neighborhood was not as friendly as I had hoped.
These are the two that yelled at me. We made friends by the time we got to NOLA!
Just got into an argument with a person about whether or not I am aloud to take photos of strangers.
I think this is a cotton field. Officially in the south. Sitting here working on my computer, glancing out the windows, sipping coffee and listening to the quiet conversations and occasional train whistle.
Pit stop in Memphis for some fresh air. It’s pretty cold here but the fresh, cool air is refreshing.
Watching the sunrise from the train this morning. My sleep was restless but the melatonin and Benadryl made it tolerable.

9 November 2017

Found my foldable bike at the club. Decided to bring it with! Also met my co worker’s daughter. On the train getting comfy now!
Dinner prior to getting on the train. It’s late. Of course.
Had to stop at the club for a steam, shower and gin before heading to the station. I’ll miss this place when I am gone!
Stopped in to say good by to some of the fam!
All packed. I’ve reworked this pack twice now. I am trying to live with less “stuff” in general. So I am taking note of that here. My 5 most important travel items? Wallet, medicine, camera, iPad, clothing. Pocket knife comes in at a close 6th item.