Portugal · 1 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Sam's journi to Portugal

30 May 2017

S & Gd took a trip out to a winery to sample and buy a few bottles. Gd tried to engage in some banter with the women there who was having non of it. It was hard to tell whether this was her lack of banter or the quality of Gd's chat. Bought 6 bottles.
Poolside on day 2. Hot.
Day 2 and Granny has managed to refrain from informing us of any boat activity on the sea at her usual 5 minute intervals. Sam took the car for a drive to the local shop. Both morning and afternoon were spent at the pool as Em sorting her tummy out (14 visits?!!!πŸ˜‘) Booked Julios outside, S&Gr had Tbone, Michelle Piri-Piri & G sea bass. Em a burger & F sausage. with wine €133.
Flight was straightforward from Manchester (where it was raining). Monarch flight on time 7.15, arrived 11.30

29 May 2017

Day one Arrived at the apartment around 1pm, unloaded and went for lunch at the local restaurant. Michelle and Granny had soup, Grandad had cod and Sam had Tuna (dad had menu envy 🐟 and would've gone for the tuna). The girls had fish fingers and we had a few beers. It came to around €50 (grandad tried to pay with a David Platt novelty coin). Spent the afternoon at the pool . Water was quite chilly but sun was out and temp was high 20s but felt hotter with no breeze. G&GD went to the new supermarket. G was very impressed with the quality, ambience and overall layout of the place making several positive comments over breakfast the following day. Booked into Martin's Bar and Grill in the evening and sat on the veranda there. Ordered and the girls went down and played on the beach. Sam and granny had the Cataplana, Michelle and Dad had Chicken Piri Piri πŸ“. The bill came to €100. Back home for a few more drinks on the balcony 🍺🍸