Dominican Republic · 5 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017

Sam's adventure in Punta Cana, La Altagracia

22 July 2017

Hard to believe this is the last morning to see this view. It has been a beautiful wonderful week. I now understand why a lot of the staff yells "Yeah Baby" all day long. Yesterday, we had breakfast in bed and then had all you can eat lobster on the beach. Well, it wasn't on the beach because it rained. But it was still Lobster and all you can eat, so, Yeah Baby! We're getting ready to take one last stroll along the beach, and then finish packing up to head home tonight. See ya soon!

21 July 2017

Oh no! The Pirates are coming! Hide the rum it's a party boat that goes out during the day and you can hear everybody on there laughing and screaming and carrying on
Yesterday was another amazing day on the beach. We started out by just having breakfast and then hanging out on the beach for a little while. Then we went and hung out in the pool for a bit. But the best part was going to get massages. The spa here at Secrets Royal Beach is so wonderful. We had an 80-minute massage followed by hydrotherapy. Now I must say I was not a fan of the ice cold pool, but the hot tub made up for it. Then they served us some nice tea and cookies and let us relax for as long as we wanted. Then we went to the Hibachi Grill for dinner which was so much fun. Then listen to a band playing in the main area for a while and then went down to the beach for the fire show. Talk about crazy! They had this group of people wielding all sorts of crazy shapes lit up with fire some of them even had hula hoops made of fire. These people are nuts. But it was a good time.

19 July 2017

Sorry haven't posted in a couple of days but we've been kind of busy! Tuesday we had pretty much Beach day all day didn't do a whole lot. Then yesterday Wednesday, we got up really early to see the sunrise. Well you can see from the picture that that didn't turn out real well because it was overcast Cloudy and the sun wasn't visible. We did go out on an Excursion called Reef experience. They took us out onto a floating dock that had some pins around it then we went snorkeling and saw nurse sharks, stingrays and other fish. Then we went kayaking and got a foot massage. All in all it was just a real beautiful relaxing day in the Sun. Today we're going to just hang out for a while and then at 2:30 we're having massages with hydrotherapy. This place is absolutely beautiful. We're sitting on the balcony drinking our first coffee of the morning listening to music from the pool the lowest and looking at the ocean.

17 July 2017

What a beautiful day today was. We got up went for breakfast. Hung out on the beach for a little while walked up the beach net cheapy cheapy and he tried to sell us something, of course we bought something from him. Then came back and hung out in the pool for a while. They had a big bubble machine that filled the pool with bubbles and everybody was dancing and playing in them. Then we went to a different pool that was a little more relaxed and met some amazing people. Came back to our room showered and cleaned up went out to dinner. Now we are ready to crash. Tomorrow is the First morning in a long time that we don't have to get up early and do something. Good night friends
Breakfast view
Wow, what a trip! We started out on our flight from Dallas at 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Ended up in Miami, with our plane at an hour-and-a-half delay. We finally got out of Miami at about 9 p.m. You finally got to our hotel at 2 this morning. Everyone here is so nice and friendly this is the view from our room this morning. We also decided last night that we wanted to upgrade our room to a beach view room. Well, the beach view room wasn't ready so here we are in the garden View room. Now we get to move again!. We will report more when we are more coherent and had a good breakfast.