Australia, Portugal · 3 Days · 5 Moments · August 2017

Sam's adventure Portugal, France and the UK

13 August 2017

Phew! Clearly luck continues to be on my side. After a lunch of MASSIVE tentacles, I meander my way back to the hotel with a good dose of anxiety. It is time to face car rental #1 with no traditional evidence of a drivers license having realised that mine was missing less than 48 hours before departure. Woohoo! I'm in luck, because I don't even get to test the flimsy "promise" received by VicRoads that passes as a temporary license- she doesn't even ask to see it. Credit card please and I am on the road. Next blessing - after only 4 hours sleep last night I make it to peniche in one piece and grateful that I am not doing the reverse commute (the southbound road is a parking lot). So it's time for the next chapter - 1 week surfing in Peniche. Too wrecked for photos, i dine for the first time alone on super fresh sushi and heAd back to the lodge to crash. Breakfast - Portuguese tart at Manteigaria Lunch - time out market HenriqueXxx Dinner - Sushi Fish in peniche
Another great day in Lisbon. Starting with the breakfast of champions, a Portuguese tart from a destination recommended by the lady behind the desk at my hotel. Made on site, still hot, the pastry was crisp and flakey and even for a "non-sweet tooth", the filling delicate and devine. Sustained, I joined the "free" Sandemans tour. Jorge was a fabulous storyteller and we whipped through 4 dynasties, Declaration of Independence, the longest dictatorship in Europe, a few World Cup stats and a whole lot of sights over the next 3.5 hours. Clearly not ready to dine alone I joined some fellow tour goers for lunch at the Time Out Market, don't be put off by the commercial name, the market is reminiscent of the Taste of Tasmania in terms of breadth of offering, quality of ingredients and vibe, you just have to be prepared to viciously defend your turf while you divide and conquer to order your food.

12 August 2017

Great introduction to Lisbon life! Drinks with a view followed by one of the more unusual dining experiences. Spent 2.5hours waiting on the street for a table. Ended up being the best way to spend my evening as got talking to people from Belgium, USA, Portugal, Aus, UK, Spain and more. Instant rent-a-crowd! Did mean that by the time we sat down at 11.15pm and ordered the tasting menu that I was so not hungry enough to enjoy all the food! Three types of ceviche, grilled octopus, fish stew. All delicious but so much food! Bar: lost n Restaurant: a cervicheria
Getting a feel for Lisbon including a beeline for my first beer since March. Enjoyed even more in the stunning 34degree temperatures.

11 August 2017

This is why this girl is happy to fly economy everywhere she goes - lucked out with bulk head seats and have to point my toes to reach the wall! We are off to a good start! Europe 2017 here I come! 👍