Spain · 5 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Pre Wedding Honeymoon...

31 July 2017

Love these mountains!
Stunning views! Free too if you just drive and pull in.
A nice walk to Playa Blanca. Busy, but lots of shops and things to do.
Looking across to Fuerteventura. Very clear today

30 July 2017

Having fun by the pool
Enjoying the view whilst having some lunch
Food, drinks & a good cocktail.. I'm seeing a pattern here... 🍹

29 July 2017

Where we had our first cocktails on our first holiday together. €7 each. Grande!!
Road Trip!... to the cocktail bar! 🍹

28 July 2017

Lanni's for a quick drink..I'm on the strong stuff... 🍓🍹
Love this cutie! She's always pottering around.
Celebrating our pre wedding honeymoon / pre-moon / Lanza-moon ❤️
Not just alcohol on this Lanza-moon ❤️
Drinks in the setting sun
Celebrating our Lanza-Moon
Great prices, great view!

27 July 2017

Here we go!...