United States of America · 364 Days · 38 Moments · September 2016

Our Voyage of Love

2 September 2017

Smiles After this picture was taken we drove home and ate a large pizza from Dominos and watched movies all night

21 August 2017

One Year Our celebration of one year together included a long drive, shopping, movies, dinner, oh, and a marriage proposal!

18 August 2017

Gabe A snapshot of Dacota and I with our forever best friend and United States Marine, Gabe

16 August 2017

High Cliff State Park We adventured to the lake, the tower, and even climbed a cliff

23 July 2017

Museum Day A day well spent at the Milwaukee Public Museum, including a show under the stars

22 July 2017

Long Drives Sometimes when the weight on our shoulders is too much we go for long drives in the countryside

1 July 2017

Summerfest A day split between shopping and wuality time with the love of my life What could be better?

30 June 2017

Five Daughters Bakery A delicious breakfast before heading back home to Wisconsin

29 June 2017

East Nashville Relaxing with Starbucks refreshers after a long day of moving furniture at Vanderbilt

28 June 2017

Opryland The beautiful scenery of Opryland stunned us all

27 June 2017

Centennial Park During our freetime we wandered Centennial Park Our favorite sight was the Parthenon
Scavenger Hunt Taken during a scavenger hunt in Downtown Nashville

26 June 2017

Crossing the Bridge The view was breathtaking

25 June 2017

On the Road Snapped a pic during a quick stop on our way to Nashville

24 June 2017

Love, smiles, and kisses

19 May 2017

Graduation Dacota officially graduated from Lutheran High!

5 May 2017

Dacota's Prom Dacota's Prom was at The Bull. Everything was beautiful, and the dance was fun

4 May 2017


1 May 2017

The King and I Dacota show off his golden robes as he portrays the King of Siam My favorite part of the night was doing his makeup

26 February 2017

Wedding Day Dacota's sister Jamie said her vows with her husband Kyle

4 February 2017

Sometimes we're goofy

22 January 2017

Winter Formal? I said yes!

29 December 2016

The American Club Dacota took me out to the American Club to go on a private carriage ride through the village

28 December 2016

Happy New Year Dacota cooked me Korean bbq It was delicious

24 December 2016

Christmas Eve Cards, hot cocoa, and pictures with Grandma

21 December 2016

Scrumptious Dinner

13 November 2016

Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra Concert Dinner at Il Ritrovo and tasteful music

6 November 2016

We went hiking through the Kettles to find serenity and enjoy the small things in life

4 November 2016

Comedy Cafe Dacota's Fall Play, he channeled Picasso for his lead role

27 October 2016

Samantha's WSMA State Honors Orchestra Concert As always, Dacota brought me a beautiful rose and a kiss

22 October 2016

Parnell Tower We climbed the tower and walked the trail

21 October 2016

A walk on the beach It was a cold night, but we decided to go with two friends. We danced on the beach to "Gravity" and made unforgettable memories

8 October 2016

Dacota's Homecoming We stopped by my grandma's house for pictures before dinner at the Liebham's, it was a great night

30 September 2016

Dacota's Varsity Football game at Kohler Go KLC!

24 September 2016

Samantha's Homecoming Dance Dinner at Sweet Basil and a night of dancing

21 September 2016

A kiss

4 September 2016

Our first adventure together. A great night at the Sheboygan County Fair filled with Wisconsin Cheese and funnel cake

3 September 2016

Our first photographable moment. Chairs in a circle, meeting new people