Asia, North America · 61 Days · 28 Moments · December 2016

Samantha's voyage in the Philippines

16 January 2017

The market

14 January 2017

Botanical Gardens

12 January 2017

A preschool in Baguio.

9 January 2017

Mines View Park
Always stunting

6 January 2017

Hundred Islands, Alaminos City, Philippines
Just got to Alaminos City!!!!
Last day in Bolinao 😥
Rice patties in the lowlands.
Bolinao Resort

5 January 2017

Bolinao Falls, Pangasinan, Philippines
Giving school and hygiene supplies to a needy school.
🌺 and 🦋

3 January 2017

Walking through the botanical gardens.
Agoo family reunion!

1 January 2017

My family taught me how to make bubbles step by step from a plant.
Tricycles are how people in Agoo get around everyday. Cars are a rare sight.
A banana tree.
Typical houses.
A beach in Agoo, Philippines.

30 December 2016

"Fancy" bathrooms and showers that you have to pay to use.
I love this view😍
100 year old Igrot women, a Native American tribe.

29 December 2016

Looking out over the city of houses.

28 December 2016

How to get around in the Philippines, a jeepney or taxi.
The view from my Aunt's house at the top of a mountain in Baguio City.

26 December 2016

After a 3 hour drive to Chicago and then 15 hours on a plane to Japan. Only a 5 hour plane ride to the Manila, Philippines and a 6 hour drive to Baguio City.