Canada · 5 Days · 9 Moments · October 2017

Sam in Canada

21 October 2017

Pretty Mountains of BANFF GANDOla. Tickets are worth 62 bucks per person. Its better to come here early like around 9 since the line would be lengthy and the parking would be full. Anyway, the cable car ride is pretty scary and slow but the view was absolutely mesmerizing.

20 October 2017

The Military Museums: Im not much a fan of taking pictures in museums since I prefer to appreciate the art.

19 October 2017

For the 2nd day, we went shopping. South Centre Mall & CrossIron Mills. products here are way cheaper than the products in the states. This was my first time seeing great deals in expensive bags and shoes for half price or 75% of the price.

18 October 2017

Buildings: the Bow tower & the Big head.
Mother’s Corner: For our First day, my relatives decided to take us to Sky360 Tower, one of the tall buildings in downtown Calgary. Parking would usually be a problem since we would have to pay parking for like 20 bucks but its worth it. We parked a three blocks away from the building and walked our way downtown.

17 October 2017

I have a thing for taking pictures while in flight. So, my mom and I finally reached Canada safely but I guess the landing was a little bit scary because of the strong winds.