Europe, North America · 10 Days · 33 Moments · August 2016

Samantha's Scotland vacation

5 September 2016

Back in NYC... Not ready to be out of vacation mode yet but quite happy to not have any long flights in my near future.

4 September 2016

Great trick for getting delish breakfast without being served haggis and black pudding - order the vegetarian breakfast!
They do not mess around with condiments in the UK.

3 September 2016

The ferry from Harris to Uig! So weird to drive onto a boat.
Portraits of a lamb

2 September 2016

Sunset over the ocean
Luskentyre beach, one of the most beautiful in the world. The sand looks like actual glass.

1 September 2016

Some sheep I met yesterday that kept running away from me :(
Mom, if you're seeing this be jealous. It's was the most delicious meringue with lemon sauce and some filling so creamy it was almost like butter legit from the cows they were keeping out back. Honestly the creamiest, yummiest dessert I've ever eaten. Not pictured here is the homemade cheddar scone with butter, also from their cows which frankly I ate too quickly to remember to photograph.
Drove though more beautiful countryside, on and off a ferry, and ended up at the wettest, windiest, most incredible isle of Harris where I believe the sheep to human ratio is close to 10,000 to 1

31 August 2016

Also! Always stay in a tiny house. If there is any cozier feeling than being freshly showered and lying in your cozy bed in your cozy house with the barn door open to the sea, I have no idea what it is.
Set out today to see the Old Man of Storr, a super famous cliff/rock thing I've been dying to see for years. Sadly the weather had other plans and I was soaked within 10 mins of the hour long hike so I had to turn around. Did learn some valuable lessons though for example: Scotland is a windy country. Skye is one of the windiest parts of Scotland; if they have signs saying it's super windy it's safe to assume they are NOT messing around. Use two hands. Also single track roads are not that scary if you focus on the road and not sheep (there are lots of places to pull over so you can safely look at sheep, also there are sheep freaking everywhere so you don't need to look at them while you're driving).
Another valuable lesson: if people are pulled over on the side of the road it's for a good reason, you should also pull over. You might see a dope waterfall, an actual enormous rainbow or PET A FLUFFY YET UNIMPRESSED COW. Sadly the cow would not fit in my pocket to bring home :( :( :( 🐮🐮🐮

30 August 2016

So the place staying in Broadford, Skye is pretty much my new favorite. Please see my personal tiny home and irl views from the window/door of the tiny home
Sadly not pictured here, driving over the Skye bridge to the isle of Skye. Pretty much what I imagine driving off the face of the earth feels like. Here is before and after the bridge though (in backward order)
Discovered the afore-pictured castle is actually still a part time residence for a private family in Scotland so all I need to do is become a trillionaire and it can be mine. Didn't pay the £7 for the tour but evidently the inside is all furnished and nice. Also will need to budget for a private chef since the cafe in the gift shop is not good (avoid).
My new pad, this super ancient castle (I wish)
The drive from Inverness to Skye is pretty much non stop jaw dropping scenery. I pulled off the road because I saw some cars parked by a little hiking path and took a stroll down to the water. Amazing.

29 August 2016

There was more soup and another half of the sandwich buttttttttt they were too delicious to pause and take a pic. Oops!
I have never in my life seen anything as stunning as loch Ness. I literally pulled over 4 times because I could not stop gawking.
Incredibly sobering (and beautiful) culloden field.
Driving on the left, so far so good! (Note: this picture was taken while parked)

28 August 2016

Ok, it's clear these were taken with a selfie stick, there's no point denying it. But let's focus on the great views of Edinburgh . The little castle thing is the Queen's house when she visits.

27 August 2016

Streets of Edinburgh
Had great intentions of walking downtown after a refresher nap, got distracted by the world's most idyllic grassy knoll.
A car, two flights, a bus, a train and a bus later....what up Edinburgh.
Countryside from the train
Glasgow. Much more charming than I was led to believe.
Views over Ireland
Ready for takeoff
Was quite sure they were going to send me right back to New York during Dublin immigration. They couldn't understand why I was traveling alone to Scotland but I didn't know anyone there. I think the attendant was a little offended when I said it was my dream to go to Scotland, not Ireland.
Much needed croissant in Dublin while awaiting flight to Glasgow

26 August 2016

In which I wait impatiently for my flight at JFK