Austria · 1 Days · 10 Moments · July 2018

Salzburg day 2

17 July 2018

Went and ate a quick breakfast this morning then went straight out into town. We visited Motzart’s house where he was born. They had turned it into a museum, it was a little boring. We looked around in a few shops while we waited for the others to finish their walk through the house. Next we went back to the hotel and rested up for our bike tour!! We went to a supermarket for lunch and i got a sandwich but i had no idea what was on it bc it was in German, oh well. We also got coconut chocolate clusters that were amazing! We went right off to our tour and it was so much fun, and i haven’t even seen the sound of music. It was a little terrifying when we were on the road and with people, but on the country side it was a lot nicer. We came back after 3.5 hours and went out to dinner at this really cute outdoor place. I got an okay schnitzel and a very good pine cone parfait. Plus there was a dog!! We head to a pharmacy with a slidy window in the door and went back to the hotel. Fun day!!!!
Slidy window in pharmacy.
Deserts!!! 1) sweet cheese dumplings with Nutella 2) pine cone parfait with pine cone honey
More biking
Places from sound of music
Bike break with a chocolate pretzel
Bike views
Way to the Motzart’s house and a picture of Motzart’s house(pic 3)
Day started off great with my lip gloss breaking in my bag. Sadly had to throw it away :(((