Austria · 1 Days · 14 Moments · July 2018

Salzburg, Austria

16 July 2018

Oh also, the worst part about the train was that the food car only had ONE sandwich. One. Are you kidding me!?! And when we went into the castle, there was a guy with his kids(i think) filming himself saying he found asbestos and we tried walking past him and he like filmed us and asked us about it. It was hilarious but also kinda creepy. Another thing. One of the college kids left his passport in the hotel. In Bolzano. He found out while we were on the train to Salzburg. He had to go all the way back to bolzano by himself with a barely working phone. That was crazy, I’d never do something like that.
Got on a train this morning for three-ish hours then stopped and got on another train for like an hour and a half just to get to Salzburg. When we got near it on the train, a nice old lady was telling us where the good view was and she wasn’t lying. The town was beautiful. We got to the hotel and later went out for an early dinner bc the castle we wanted to go to said it was closed online. We ate outside at this really cute place and it had the best food by far. We left and headed through gardens and over bridges into old Salzburg, we were staying in new Salzburg. We walked to the town square and looked around and it was gorgeous. We found out the castle was open and we headed up the mountain on a train thing. The castle had the prettiest view and it was giant inside, we determined this would be our 4th vacation home. Next we looked for dessert but decided just to head back to the hotel bc it was going to rain, it never did though so no desert for us :( Overall a fun and beautiful day.
Way back to the hotel. We stopped in a Christmas shop
Down the castle and town square
Way down from the castle
Still the castle
In the castle
Little ally way
Still town square
Town square sort of place
I forgot what this place was but it was beautiful
Dinner: spinach and ricotta dumplings (AMAZING) and 4 of us spilt meat dumplings
Train ride over