India · 3 Days · 8 Moments · October 2014

Saloni's trip to mahabaleshwar, India

26 October 2014

Finally its time to say goodbye...till we meet again mahabaleshwar!! 😃

25 October 2014

The last day of an awesome trip. We spent the whole day at the hotel since the hotel and the surroundings were covered with clouds. ☁️☁️☔️ We went to a nearby small restaurant to savour the last of strawberry with cream and some corn patties and franky!!
Later that day we went to a local shiv temple. This temple is located in the old city and has idols that are carved out from rocks. It certainly was serene.

24 October 2014

Checked into the Brightland resort!
Next visit to the Mapro garden! For those of you who are not aware about Mapro, it is a factory in mahabaleshwar which manufactures jams, syrups, jellies and chocalates which are available everywhere in india these days. At the Mapro garden we had a hearty lunch of pizzas, sandwiches and not to forget the sizzling brownie!! 😇
The hotel has a very good inhouse spa. Didnt really had time to get a spa treatment but got a few products which they manufacture inhouse.

23 October 2014

Fun day wid d family..! After a round of photos v went to shop nd eat a lil at d local market at mahabaleshwar. The market a jus lasts a few meters nd houses shops of footwear nd local products like jam and fudge. There are few small restaurants which serve very good sandwiches, fries and ofcourse strawberry with cream 😋
Selfie time wid my sister...great way to start a memorble holiday wid family!