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Sally & Ted's Excellent Adventures

23 October 2018

Yup, he saved me!!

20 July 2018

A book, a smile and THE Baby Jesus ring
The single best day ever with my new husband! ❤️ A completely magical day! ❤️
When your husband steals your phone following the ceremony

5 July 2018

Bridal shower fun! Book made for my Groom on his wedding day.

27 June 2018

The test fit...and we are a GO!

21 June 2018

Checking out a tiny cabin on a rainy day, decision made, we definitely want a loft in our place.

5 June 2018

Annnnnnd two sprained ankles a very short time before our wedding. At least they weren't broken. New rule.. no more texting your husband to be while walking down the stairs at work

2 June 2018

Graduation celebration and gifts from Daddy ❤️

1 June 2018

Our youngest graduated High school!!

19 May 2018

My sexy date for Tori and Justin's reception celebration.

17 May 2018

Got a call that Ted's ring is in today!! Can't wait to pick it up and actually see it in real life!

21 April 2018

When you find your last bridesmaid dress in record time...you get Taco Tico!

14 April 2018

Three out of four special ladies got their dresses picked out and ordered today. Hopefully Kim and I can get hers done this coming weekend. ❤ Had to include a sweet text convo between Ted and Taylor, just because he is sooo damn sweet.
Stopped by Jared to see and approve the wax design of Ted's ring. It looked great, so next time I return, the design will be a reality.

6 April 2018

Well we actually managed to surprise him! 🎂We had such a wonderful time. Definitely can't wait to go back again! One of the highlights was Anthony busting out the "Dilly Dilly" on the roof top!
Yes...photo op time!
Fun self guided tour after dinner ❤
Sooo just a very short time before time to head to the The Castle Post for Ted's surprise birthday dinner, this happened. BUT luckily they changed the time for me. 💞

4 April 2018

Birthday dinner in the works 🎂

31 March 2018

While cleaning the kitchen I determined Ted has a drinking problem...he doesn't seem to like to finish what he starts. 😂

22 March 2018

SUCCESS!! Now they will design the wax mold from this design.

15 March 2018

I sent a written description of my idea and drew this picture so hopefully they could get a better idea of what I wanted.

14 March 2018

Celebrated our three years together at a tattoo parlor. 😍😂😍 Nothing says love like some pain and ink. FTR, I was not the one getting inked this time. Taylor and Ted getting father/daughter tats!
Three very happy years together.

13 March 2018


8 March 2018

So what does Ted do while Prom dress shopping for Taylor's Senior Prom...now ya know!

6 March 2018

When you really hope your luck hasn't run out on an expired temporary tag. Nevermind you have had the real and legal plate above your visor since well before the temporary tag expired.

3 March 2018

So I got these two locations as my #1 and #2. I am so excited it's going to be so gorgeous and I can't wait to marry the man of my dreams!

26 February 2018

This was the first CAD drawing of the design. Annnd they missed the mark. So back to the drawing board.

24 February 2018

I wanted to incorporate a sapphire because of my engagement ring Ted designed. I found this online and Ted said he liked it. Sooo I decided to custom design his. I took my idea to Jared and began the process of designing his one-of-a-kind wedding ring.
So we went to try on rings to figure out what Ted liked, what size etc...here are a couple that he like.

17 February 2018

Annd more...
My first shopping trip to find "the perfect dress" to marry my perfect man. These didn't make the cut but were to pretty not to share.

14 February 2018

So I come home to find this fantastic Valentine's day balloon bouquet. Two of them sang, "You're the One that I Want" and "Simply Irresistable." Now the sad part is, I also got him a balloon, one. ONE balloon, normal size, no songs.

11 February 2018

Two of the sweetest ever! ❤

2 February 2018

This is what can happen when you ecig explodes. Woke up to a strange noise @ 4:00am came into living room to investigate, fire alarm starts going off, fire on the coffee table and couch.

18 January 2018

The little ones hanging out doing what kittens do..

31 December 2017

NEW Years Eve!

30 December 2017

Sanibel Island Lighthouse fun with the fam!
What a difference a set of rims can make. Ooh and some tint on the windows. Either way, a beautiful car!