France · 4 Days · 5 Moments · May 2018

Saint-Julien-en-Born, (Contis-Plage), France

9 May 2018

Today was our last morning! We shared some beautiful freshly baked croissants and played in the park. We waited around until 12, hoping Lukies present from Nana & Pops would arrive for his birthday, but it didn’t :( so once the post came we were on our way. We were now en route to San Sebastián!

8 May 2018

Today is our last full day in Contis! Again it started off so lovely, with the kids and dan cruising, while I got to go for a nice walk down the beach. I picked up some more fresh croissants for everyone and got myself a nice coffee at the local place. It cracked me up that it is like a ghost town until about 930am, and none of the cafes seem to open on time. When I got back we decided to go for a bit of an explore, and then came back to Contis and played at the park for a while. They had so much fun playing with the sand and their new buckets. We met a really cool Aussie chick who was telling us lots! We got lunch at the same place we got dinner last night and it was really nice again! The afternoon was max chill, we let the kids play on the bouncy castles and in the baby room which has a ball pit etc. Come dinner time we decided to go back to the same place AGAIN haha, for our final meal in Contis-Plage. It was stunning and we will miss the place! Lucas even had ice cream!

7 May 2018

Today was another stunning and relaxing day. We woke up and I went for a walk while the kids and dan cruised on our deck in the sun. I bought back fresh croissants again. We all went for a swim and the boys spent a good half an hour on the slides! Indi got cold easily so we just sunbathed for a bit and had coffee (me) while the boys kept swimming. Once they were out we grabbed a salad from the restaurant and played on the bouncy castles etc for the arvo. For dinner we went into the village and had a really nice meal. I tried my first Galette, it was soooo good! An awesome relaxing day!

6 May 2018

Today was lovely and relaxing. We woke up to a beautiful day and Dan & the kids cruised out while I went for a nice walk down to the beach got a coffee at a cool local shop. I picked up some freshly baked croissants for everyone and bananas for me and headed back. We had a nice morning just hanging out at our cabin. After breakfast and hangs we went to the pool for a swim, it was a little cold to be outside but the boys hit the water slides and we went in to the indoor pool! We decided to go into the village for a drink and dinner which was pretty nice. I had some oysters but was gutted they weren’t as good as the ones at La Palmyre!

5 May 2018

Arriving into this sweet little beach side village we were stunned. It is beautiful, but everything is literally built on the sand dunes... we also later found out it was originally all wetlands and the pines were planted to drink all the water out of the ground! It also apparently gets insanely busy in summer too so we felt lucky to be there at a quiet and nice time. It was warm too! We drove straight to the little village and had some lunch, it was a really cool wee spot. After lunch we went to our camp and were blown away at how amazing it is! Our best camp yet. The facilities amazing, but our cabin was insane! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and an awesome outdoor area! The pool area is amazing too. We ate dinner at the restaurant and the watched an amazing sunset, the kids were given toys they loved (paper plane and pony). After dinner we watched the show with the kids until 1030pm! They joined in at the end too which blew us away! A great day