Spain · 11 Days · 12 Moments · August 2014

Spain 2014

31 August 2014

Goodbye Barcelona, adiós Spain! It's been a pleasure. See ya soon.

30 August 2014

Last day in Barcelona. Time to catch up on some shopping and more importantly gifts for friends. Found a couple of interesting pieces and brilliant chocolate chucks to give out. Lastly we visited the famous colorful fountain, wrapping up this versatile tour of culture, history and vibe 😊

29 August 2014

Happy Friday Barcelona! Oh what an enjoyable and intense day! Visiting the Goth quarter, the cathedral, the Güell Palace and trying each praline we could put our hands on. In between trying our wines, gift shop and even some H&Ms. After hours of striding that highlight of the day could have been finally having a night off at the apartment with a home cooked dinner

28 August 2014

Good morning Barcelona! This was definetly one of our more hectic days! Meeting with Sagie and heading to Segerdia Familia cathedral and then moving on to Sant Pau La Creu art neuvou historical hospital. We also visited Parc Güell park and last but not least had a brilliant dinner at Cera 23 restaurant. So tired now! Also so happy to have found avocados for tmrws breakfast 😄 g'night!
Goodbye Santiago! I really fell for your charms, but now it's time to move on to Barcelona. It's been a long traveling day, even somewhat awkward, after our baggage was almost lost in translation. We arrived to our Airbnb apparent on La Bomba near La Rambla, meeting Sagie and his cousin for dinner. But if to be honest what we're most excited about is now being able to cook some of our own meals thanks to having a kitchen and enjoying some vegetables and healthy food again 😊

26 August 2014

Good morning Santiago de Compostela! It's raining and wintery and our last day in Galicia. After a long night we've decided on taking it slower today, having some fine lunch in Casa Marcela's fusion kitchen and a quite evening with Richard and Úna. Highlight of the evening was defiantly our revisit to The Chocolate Factory store where we enjoyed expensive and delightful pralines and chocolate. Yum. Tmrw: Barcelona!

25 August 2014

Good morning O Perduzo! Sadly I cannot take the last walk to Santiago because my blisters are too sore. Nonetheless, the journey to Santiago de Compostela is complete, although too short in my perspective, hence preparing the ground for a second round, longer and better equipped sometime in the future. Santiago is a beautiful town and the famous Cathedral is impressive. Food is also picking up, enjoying and fancy lunch, superb dinner of sea food, and celebrating with lots of wine and alcohol and in the pilgrims party.
Good morning Arzûa! Time to head towards Pedoruzo! Hiked with Nimrod and our new traveler friends, Richard, Una and Antonio. Scenery was lovely. At night we had our best dinner yet, with brilliant 5 desserts. Sadly enough, my feet got into really bad condition. All in all, Perouzo was one of the better towns we visited. A group of Christian Italian students shared our hostel and filled it with song of gospel.

24 August 2014

Good morning Palas Del Rei! Had a brilliant coffee but could not join today's hike because my feet were too wounded. Nim has met a couple of Irish travelers the day before and they hiked together to Arzûa where I met the in our second shining hotel. Breakfasts are hard to come by and so I had my first chocolate croissant in a couple of years :) Jesus kept up company in the room. Remember: Zot eim hasafam

22 August 2014

Good morning La Villaćhe! Time to say goodbye to our hosts Gordon and Ann-Mary and start our hike to Palas Del Rei! Today's route was harsh. A long walk with lots of up hills to conquer. The way was beautiful, but by the end of it my feet were beat and stroke with Blisters.

21 August 2014

Good morning Sarria! God it's freezing! Hooking up with my friend Nim and beginning my Camino de Santiago ... Wonderful views. Out 7 hour walk ended in a Casa next to portomarin where we met travelers from France, Italy and South Africa, and of course our lovely hosts Gordon and Ann-Mary.

20 August 2014

Arrived to Madrid. Trains were more complicated than expected :) price being: missed my 12pm train and had to wait for 10 hours to the next one. Quite the waiting experience. Took the night train to Sarria and met some new friends along the way.