India · 2 Days · 10 Moments · August 2016

Sagargad with Jungle book gang

9 August 2016

It was scorching heat as Sun was right above our head. Luckily , found a stream on the way.. In next 3 mins, everyone was enjoying in the water and we had our tea break here..
Sarasgad fort is located in a village near Pali. Sarasgad fort can be easily identified by its four pinnacles and was used as a watch place to keep an eye on the surrounding region and hence of great importance. Sarasgad is also called Pagadicha killa because its shape resembles Puneri Pagadi.The fort was bought by Shivaji Maharaj under hindavi swarajya and he later reconstructed it. Sarasgad was never conquered or destroyed by British armyand up until independence it was under Bhor Sansthan. There are two ways which leads to the top of the fort, one from the north and other from the south. The north way up being a little easy and with gradual inclination. Towards the end whoever one must watch out for the huge rock steps, not so difficult because of their height, but because of its steep inclination. There is a Shiv temple on top of the fort .Sarasgad in one of the twin fort of Sudhagad. Base village is khandala . This is about 10 kms before Alibaug.

8 August 2016

Amazing one day trek to Sagargad ( near Alibaug) with Sunder, Sadanand, Aarti, Preeti, Neharika and Mahesh gowande
We had to skip waterfall entry as time was running out and could see Sun setting down fast. Once descended, we had a lovely tea at a local village and headed straight to Alibaba and 40 players - a bar n restaurant . Tuborg n vodka shots turned all of us into teens.. The return journey was super duper fun and laughter pulling each others legs. It was amazing time of 19hours spent with lovely friends... Finally touched thane at 12 am... Lets cherish this beautiful day for years to come... Three cheers to Jungle book.. Gang

7 August 2016

We had Atul Kasbekar with us who was busy clicking for jungle book annual calendar.. We also had our lunch. Athavales n Preeti had bought some home made stuff n teplas.. To top it, we had Tequila -the great energy booster ...
The breeze was targeting to blow us away from the fort. There was a small water fall at the edge , where the water is to come back to the top due to heavy breeze. The droplets were resembling pearls due to the light falling on them..
Words can't describe the serene nature inside Sagargad fort. It is time for some selfies n poses ...
Just at the entrance of the fort, the grass was so beautiful. It was better than the best of golf course..
It was gradual climb towards sagargad. We skipped entry to the waterfall. Wanted to see the fort first.
We started from thane by 5:30.. Thanks to the delay by the rental innova driver. Had mouthwatering breakfast at a traditional maharashtrian restaurant at Karnala. Dependency on google map lead us to an alternate way to enter Sagargad. We decided to go back to the regular trail.. I.e from khandala village. This mess delayed our schedule and we finally started at 10:30 am... In less than 35 mins, we have already reached the place of waterfall. The view was very beautiful. Could see the entire mountain range .