United States of America · 2 Days · 5 Moments · January 2017

Sacramento River Trail

7 January 2017

Declared it to be Pure gateway and things to come unhenderd Old and new bridge symbolizes blessing of inheritence Prayed Fruit of the spirit over this land, ciry, and river That it flows into the heart of the city Water is a symbol of prosperity in this land Bridges are presenting building one thing to the next Prayed Joy and presence over this land and trail As a prophetic act, We roared at the things that get in the way On both sides we blessed the river and shouted declarations "we got spirit, how bout you... We got love etc" As we were walking across the bridge, saw two bald eagles. A symbol of unity, strength and life
Raising standerd of living (homeless etc.) in the natural and spiritual There will be Unity and life for the city Hope comes prosperity comes from this river Declared a Fragrence of life and the river has that, that people would want to come and enjoy the river with families etc. Fragrence that affects the city and makes redding fresh Release blood of jesus to wash this land asked for forgiveness for things coming against Gods plan for the city, murders etc.
Redding Being a Geneva (place of peace) declared it is a river of abunfance and brings life His voice being like Rivers of living water that everyone would hear his voice Saw a picture of God putting nutrients in the river for fish and the controversy over the fish and water that CA gets Prayed A further release of water Along with that, saw a battle over CA. The river goes into the capital of CA and the church can help remove some of the battlefields that have happened so the right things can happen and declared that A blessing over water and fish and samon released
In soaking time i saw us playing in the river and we picked up diffrent rocks that had words like joy and love and peace We celebrated with playfulness and the aroma of that went into the city likr a mist we also roared away the enemy and his tactics We then at the end walked onto a bridge, which repersented us standing in the gap. Prayed that the Oil of joy be released instesd of mourning Splashed water and poured salt and oil as a prophetic act and invisable banner's over the river. From one side to the next Declared Oaks of righousness (Is 61:1-3) a beautiful exchange Saw a Picture of us standing with arrows and rope on it. It is the churches, and rope is the trinity. No more division that the churches are coming together

5 January 2017