North America, Europe · 25 Days · 13 Moments · June 2018

Sabrina's diary

29 June 2018


28 June 2018

The precious cargo made it save too frankfurt.
Quite flight. Morning sky looks great.

26 June 2018

Passing thrugh a really bad storm in Atlanta. On the way too the hotel for tonight. Had a couple tears flowing when saying goodbye to the house and the great neighbors.😞

25 June 2018

Everything's packed and gone. On its way to Germany. We will follow on Wednesday.

23 June 2018

Had a going away party last night. Had a great time. Thanks to all that came, to say goodbye.

16 June 2018

Packing up and making inventory of all the stuff.
Earley morning walk. One of the last ones her in SC.

11 June 2018

Now as we soon leave, a new mexican restaurant has opened here in Fountain Inn and the food is great.

10 June 2018

Well i guess it should be a good day. Just not feeling it.

8 June 2018

Looks like another wonderful day in the Carolinas. I do will miss this Backyard, not the work, but the view.
House is listed. 🤞

4 June 2018

Wonderful neighbors brought some great gifts for us.