Malaysia · 4 Days · 13 Moments · April 2017

Hitchhiking from Kuching to Brunei

29 April 2017

Eating a typical malayian desert: kacang cendol
Just went to the Mall in Miri only to get curry puffs for the journey to Brunei.
After sleeping in, Ying took us to a western breakfast place. The food was good and I had a I had a iced toffee nut latte. Made me think of my tine with Hanna at the Meyerbeer Café. Ying, Lilz and I had a great conversation. I got really emotional when we were talking about people of the world and how similar we all are. People and the media try to keep those categories alive that differentiate us but since traveling I met people from all over the world and even though we have different beliefs and passports, we have very similar desires, problems, and thoughts. We might approach them differently and have different traditions but these doesn't make us different. My eyes got really watery talking about this topic. People that are racist should travel and meet people with an open mind to see that!

27 April 2017

Our fifth ride.
Our fourth ride.
Our third ride. He gave us a ride out of Sibu. He said he stopped because he saw us earlier at the Central Market, where we had Teh Tarik.

26 April 2017

Our sixth ride.
Our second ride. In Serian we were waiting not even a minute when an old guy, named Nicholas stopped to take us. He had grandpa-flair. Very lovely. We were quite lucky. He was going all the way to Sibu. Jackpot. I had to sit in front since Lilz and I agreed on taking turns sitting in the front since talking can be exhausting. It was my turn which I was not too happy about since we had a 5 hours ride ahead of us. But Nicholas was so nice. We had a pleasant conversation. He works in politics in justice. He is lending his voice to the indigenous people. He often is called on as an expert on local customs representing the cultural views of Sarawak people. He is a people's man and got even invited to hold a speech at the UN headquarters in NY. He invited us for lunch and drinks at our first stop. We tried to invite him but he insisted. At least we were able to pay for his coffee on our second stop.
First Uber ride. I think the guy was drunk but nice. He dropped us at the bus station in Serian.
We started hitchhiking on the side of a quite busy but the only road towards Brunei. We found a tiny spot that gave us shade. Then we just stood there waiting for a few minutes. Our upper arms started to become sore quite fast. Thus, we took turns in holding up our thumps. We had a sign with our preferred destination written on it. We thought we might should add another city name on it that is closer by since Sibu is 400 km away and people might not take us because they don't go that far. Just when Lilz started to write down Serian, a car pull over asking where we wanna go. As it turned out, he only went to Serian but was happy to take us.
Lilz and I took another Uber to Kota Padawan and then Siburan. The Uber driver was so friendly to agree to our split up rides in order for us to use our promotion codes.
Agi, Lilz and I all have the Uber app and since there was a special promotion this week where we would get 2 free rides a day everyday, we decided to all go to the airport with Agi. From there Lilz and I would get another Uber to bring us to a road where we could easily start hitchhikeng. Agi ordered an Uber to the airport. Unfortunately, that guy was a ripoff. I intentionally took a detour to earn more money. What started as a nice ride ended in a short argument of not paying the extra amount.
This morning Lilz, Agi and I left our temporary home in Kuching. I hate saying good bye but it was fairly easy because nobody here likes good byes. So the night before instead of saying goodbye we all just said 'see you later' or 'jumpa lagi'. This morning I cuddled Almond again and tried to take a good picture of her. But she clearly does not like her picture to be taken. She always walks passed you, does jot look into the camera or comes to close. When we left Gav stood behind the gate waving 'jumpa lagi'.