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Sabrina in New Zealand

20 March 2019

Hi guys! Yesterday I walked to Chapel Street which is where all the trendy shops and cafes in town are! From there I waked to St. Kilda (the beach suburb of Melbourne). Stayed there for a while and read before heading back. As you can see it was quite cloudy at the beach but I still got sunburned 😂 from all the hiking and being outside over the past 6 weeks I now have a great Apple Watch tan, a sunglass tan and the lines on my legs are also still there 🙈 haha! Today I went to the Melbourne Museum which was awesome and I would highly recommend going there! Now I’m packing then heading for dinner and then well...I get picked up to go to the airport at 2:30 am! So not sure if I should stay up or wake up at 2 am! Not very excited for the super long flights ahead but can‘t wait to see all of you again at home 😍

19 March 2019

yesterday I went on a Great Ocean Road Sunset tour with Arek and 22 other people. Check out the post below for all the animals we spotted on the way 😁 We left Melbourne around 11am and drove into horrible foggy and rainy weather but just as we were coming up to the Twelve Apostels the weather completely changed and we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the limestone coast! While I was watching the sunset someone called my name and I turned around to find Tobi there (the guy I met while hiking up Mt. Isthmus Peak near Wanaka in NZ)..such a crazy coincidence! 😂
Emus, Wallabies, Parrots (very friendly) and Koalas spotted along the Great Ocean Road 🐨🦜🇦🇺

18 March 2019

had to post twice today because there’s simply to many great pics to share. (So yeah, check out the post below for what I did for most of the day). I went to the Eureka Skydeck around 6:30pm and stayed there to watch the sunset and see Melbourne at night. In the second picture you can spot Albert Park (which is where the racetrack is set up every where I was yesterday) 😁 not a bad view from the 88th floor, right?
this morning Arek, Ajit and I went on a free walking tour around Melbourne. (They’re the two guys that were also in my room and also went to the race - Polish and Indian). The walking tour was awesome and we had a cool guide called Max that had some great stories to share about Melbourne’s & Australia’s history. We of course looked at the graffiti and went to federation square which has a great view of the Eureka Skydeck. In the afternoon I went to the royal botanic gardens (so beautiful) and read for a while!

16 March 2019

Heyyoo ☺️ I know you guys have been waiting for this update! It was race weekend here in Melbourne, the first race of the season and I was majorly excited. Two of the people in my room also had tickets for the race which was awesome because we always headed to the race together and saw some of the pre-race events together. We all supported different teams and drivers but that’s the awesome thing about F1. The fans all sit together, respect each other and simply love the sport (and the after-race discussions 😂)! On Saturday we saw Bottas (race winner), Stroll, Perez, Sainz, Norris & RICCIARDO (local hero). I had tickets for a grandstand (the first corner after the start/finish) and a view of the Melbourne skyline! Unfortunately Ferrari didn’t perform as well as everyone hoped and expected. But just being at the racetrack, the smell and the sound of the cars and seeing them race past you makes me so happy I can’t even explain it to you! Worth every cent 😁

15 March 2019

A day of very mixed emotions! Was super sad about leaving New Zealand and even sadder to hear about the terrible shooting in Christchurch 😔 immediately messaged some people that I met on my trip that I knew would be there and they’re thankfully all okay. The city was on lockdown for a couple hours and the cafes and places all locked their doors so everyone had to stay put..a truly terrible day for NZ! but as I arrived in Melbourne and was greeted by F1 posters all around me I started to feel super excited about the weekend ahead 🏎🏁🇮🇹 I can’t wait to be at the racetrack tomorrow!

14 March 2019

Went to Arrowtown this morning, had breakfast there and walked around the shops and the old Chinese settlement and then biked the 35 km back to Queenstown 🚴🏼‍♀️ went over some scary and shaky bridges, cursed the e-bikers (in my mind) that passed me on the uphill sections and just overall had a very good day! Back in my hostel now and dreading the washing and packing I have to do for tomorrow when I fly to Melbourne! Can’t believe the 5 weeks in NZ are already over 🙈 very excited for my formula 1 weekend though 🏎🇮🇹🏁 I am planning on going to little blackwood tonight (a bar that Ela & Mike recommend) so here’s hoping I get out of bed at some point 😅

12 March 2019

I keep changing my plans but I once again had to listen to my body (will need a massage when I get home - my feet and legs are struggling 😅). Anyways, I didn‘t do a lot of vertical meters today but I did walk around 14.5 km. First to sunshine bay and back. Then after having coffee and ice cream in the sun I decided to walk up the tiki trail to the gondola (exhausting) and did a short loop track at the top of the gondola. Tomorrow it‘s supposed to rain so I don‘t have much planned. On Thursday i‘m doing a bike tour to Arrowtown so I‘m glad for the day of rest tomorrow ☺️

11 March 2019

Changed my plans today because it was very overcast this morning and supposed to stay that way. So instead of doing a big hike I decided to only go up Queenstown Hill (which is steep but “only” a 500m climb up). But as you can see on the pictures it did end up clearing up quite a bit (it only stayed that way for about 2 hours though and then the clouds came back). I felt very tired today and I’m not really sure why (probably just a combination of a all the traveling & hiking catching up with me). Anyways I will try for the Ben Lomond Summit tomorrow and hopefully I’ll feel stronger tomorrow (I did have a nap this afternoon so that was good ☺️)

10 March 2019

didn‘t realize just how tired I was until I slept till 10:30 this morning. So I took it very slow today and had brunch, walked around the Queenstown gardens and finished reading my book on a bench overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Doing a hike tomorrow to the Ben Lomond summit ☺️

9 March 2019

Milford Sound 😍
the drive over to Milford Sound through Fiordland National Park was so amazing. I was so tired but just couldn‘t sleep because it was so stunning. We had a great bus driver and got to stop along the way for these pictures. 🌈🇳🇿❤️

8 March 2019

free welcome drink with Sabrina in Queenstown 😍

7 March 2019

Hey everyone 😎 today I did Isthmus Peak (1385 m). You start out at around 200 m so it‘s over 1100 m of vertical distance over 8km so it got quite steep at places! I was very lucky because we reached the top before the rain started! When I say we I mean me and the only other 3 people that were on the track with me (all Germans 🙈)..a young couple with a baby (I guess that makes it 5 people in total) and Tobi from Cologne who was so positive that I was kinda glad he was there and pushed me to get to the top. The summit had views of both Lake Wanaka (you can see it behind me on the first picture) and Lake Hawea, which you can see on the other two pictures. And of course I saw lots of sheep 😉🐑 but also deer, rabbits and what looked like a ferret! Got back to the hostel and had to switch rooms but i‘m now in a room with Kate from Canada who is really cool. Tomorrow i‘m off to Queenstown (my last stop already 😭) will meet up with Sabrina again once i‘m down there.

6 March 2019

another quick update: I made it to Wanaka, which is so much prettier than I expected 😍 which is why I’m kinda sad that I’m only here tomorrow and that tomorrow it’s supposed to rain 😪 originally came here to do Roy’s Peak but after talking to some people at the hostel I’ve now decided to do Isthmus Peak (despite the weather). Hopefully it won’t be too bad and I have some nice pictures to show you guys tomorrow ☺️🤞🏽

5 March 2019

lots of things to report on today! So yesterday evening I did a stargazing tour and we were taken to the top of Mt. John where the University of Canterbury has its MOA Telescope and Research facility. The Mackenzie Basin (where Lake Tekapo is located) is very remote (only 3 major towns, with less than 1000 people living in the towns, are in the area) so it is perfect for watching the night sky and seeing stars. And let me tell you, I have never ever seen a night sky like this (obviously my phone can’t capture it) but the pictures I uploaded here are exactly what you see when you stand there. It was more than breathtaking. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ We got warm jackets, warm brownies and hot chocolate (it was quite cold) and got to look through telescopes, identify alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri which lead you to the southern cross that helps you identify where south is (like the North Star for the Northern Hemisphere). Learned so much that there’s not enough space here for me to tell you about it ;)
More pictures 😎 first picture is Mount Cook and the last picture is Tekapo right before landing 🛩
This morning I got to fly over Mt. Cook / Aoraki national park and because the pilot was a bit of a flirt I got to sit up front 😂 the flight was absolutely amazing! We flew over the Mackenzie basin and then over the glaciers of the west coast (Franz Josef and Fox glacier) and got to the see New Zealand’s highest mountain: Aoraki / Mt. Cook (3724 m). Will post some more pictures.

4 March 2019

only a quick update today. I made it to Lake Tekapo and am going on a stargazing tour tonight and a scenic flight tomorrow so will report on that later. How crazy blue is that water though?!? 😍 I swear I don‘t edit the pictures on here!

3 March 2019

Thanks to Julia (😘), I got to meet Bry and Jamie this morning who live in Christchurch and took me to Sumner and Lyttelton. Sumner is a beach suburb of Christchurch and there was a market there this morning where we got coffee that we drank while strolling along the beach. After, we drove to Lyttelton, looked at some of the cute little shops and had lunch. In the afternoon I went to the Quake City Museum (once again with Ines). Before I came to Christchurch I had no idea of the extent of the damage the earthquakes in September 2010 and Februar 2011 had caused. It was super emotional strolling through the museum and listening to some of the survivors tell their stories of what happened that day (and how the city looked before). After we went to the 185 chairs Memorial representing the 185 people that died during the earthquake. We ended the day on a happier note with ice cream and beer ☺️ tomorrow I’m off to Lake Tekapo!

2 March 2019

Today I went to the Port Hills outside the city with Ines (who is also from Munich)..we took the gondola up and then did part of the crater rim walkway! Beautiful weather today and amazing views. I am 18.631 km from home and “only” 3700 km from the South Pole! 🙈

1 March 2019

I’m in Christchurch! 😎 Even 8 years after the terrible earthquake the city is still rebuilding so there are lots of empty lots around but also many cool new buildings being built! The cathedral was also impacted heavily but because of its historic value it won’t be knocked down. after I arrived I went to the street food market (every Friday) at cathedral square and was happy to see that the Italian vendor had hazelnut ice cream 😁 afterwards I went to the visitor center to pick out my next hiking adventure and then strolled through the botanic gardens! Also bought some cool hiking leggings that I will test out tomorrow. I’m in a 6 bed dorm room and 5 of us are German 🙈😂 you can always tell by the amount of deuter backpacks in the room..though I seem to confuse people with my German backpack and American accent (“you look German but you don’t sound German”)...anyways now I gotta go because happy hour at the hostel bar is only until 8 😉

28 February 2019

Kaikoura used to be an island but the abrasion from the surrounding mountains filled in the sea and now it’s a peninsula which is why I did the peninsula walkway today ☺️ today was the coldest day (15 degrees) but also the most beautiful as it was very sunny! The walk starts in the town center and goes to the cape where the seal colony is..only saw two seals but one guy was taking a nap right on the track 😂 the walk then continues up the cliffs and down to South Bay where we started our dolphin tour yesterday. All in all about 11km! Tomorrow morning I’m off to Christchurch!

27 February 2019

Today was absolutely incredible 😍🐬 I wish I could upload videos on here just to show you how many dolphins we saw! The dolphins in Kaikoura are a smaller species called dusky dolphins and they stay here year round! They‘re super acrobatic and do jumps and flips all on their own accord and are very interested in people (unfortunately I was not able to swim with them..the swimming was all booked out weeks in advance). But the tour was definitely worth it (even with seasickness 🤢😅) and freezing wind. At the end we saw some seals (see if you can spot them on the rocks)! Will probably upload a video on Instagram so check out the dolphins there too ☺️

26 February 2019

Took the ferry from Wellington to Picton today (1st picture) and then a bus to Kaikoura! The second picture is the view from my hostel and the third picture I just took at the beach after having dinner 😍 Kaikoura is a town of about 5000 people but has lots of cute beach cafes and shops for the tourists! They had a 7.8 earthquake here in 2016 and it raised the shoreline up by a couple of meters! If I’m lucky tomorrow you guys will see some really cool pictures of 🐬🐬🐬

25 February 2019

The last two days have been a bit more slow-paced and filled with brunch and cocktails! Yesterday we went to the Te Papa Museum and learned a lot about New Zealand’s history and the Maori culture which was super interesting because you do sometimes forget that New Zealand is originally a pacific island like Samoa, Hawaii, etc.. Today we rode up to Kelburn with the Cable Car and walked through the botanic garden, had coffee that turned into an early dinner and now i‘m back at the hostel packing because I leave for the South Island early tomorrow morning! While it‘s been nice to have two more relaxed days I’m really excited for the South Island adventures I have planned! You guys will have to stay tuned to find out the exciting things coming up ;)

23 February 2019

Hellooo! I am now in Wellington 😁 because it‘s gonna rain tomorrow I got off my butt today and did the southern walkway (apparently 11km though somehow I walked 18 in total 🙈). The walk starts at the harbour in the center of town and goes up to Mt. Victoria (the view can be seen from the second picture) and then goes down to Island Bay (the harbour on the other side: 4th picture). Also met a tiny little bunny on the way🐰. I’m staying at a super cool hostel in the center of town (the Marion Hostel in case anyone wants to check it out) and i‘m right next to Cuba Street (the liveliest street in town). Had brunch there this morning and the best coffee ever (Wellington is well known for its good coffee). Tomorrow i‘m meeting up with the other Sabrina who I met in Taupo and where gonna go check out the Te Papa Museum which is all about New Zealand’s history and landscape and the Maori Culture and supposed to be really interesting and interactive. ☺️

21 February 2019

Oh yeah also gotta do a bit of gloating because I did the track in 6 hours (instead of the 7-8 hours that are suggested) yeah, part of that was due to the weather (so cold and extremely windy at the top) so there was no point in staying too long but I also really pushed myself and am quite proud! Got to the shuttle pick up half an hour before the first shuttle was supposed to pick us up and was back at the hostel by 1:30pm where Coco (the hostel owners dog) greeted me 😁 Going to Wellington tomorrow so I’ll be on the bus for most of the day (but I feel like you guys have enough updates to last you for a bit 😉)
more pictures from today 🌋😍
So today was the day I did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (19.4 km) and thank god I was able to do it because they‘ve cancelled it for the next 5 days due to the weather being so bad! Today was cloudy, sometimes rainy and at the top (at 1780m) super windy and freezing (around 5 degrees) but the walk was still worth it! The first part of the walk was fairly easy (see first picture) and then there was quite a steep ascent to the South Crater which you then walked through (see second picture) after that there was another short ascent to the top of the Red Crater (at 1780m). I did take pictures here but it was so foggy/cloudy that unfortunately there wasn‘t much of a view of the surrounding volcanic mountains! Then the very long descent started: first to the emerald lakes (third picture) and then down to Lake Rotoaira (fourth picture). Will post more pictures on here ;)

20 February 2019

Not too much to report today..I made it to Turangi and had a very chill „arvo“ (afternoon in Australia/New Zealand) reading in the backyard of the hostel! Luckily I can do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing tomorrow..there was a bit of a concern cause the weather is changing in the next couple of days but luckily the morning hours look good! In the afternoon there might be some rain but no strong winds or storms are reported! I get picked up tomorrow at 6:10am and start the trail at 7 so I should be done by around 2pm! So now i‘m just getting ready, packing some lunch for tomorrow and will go to sleep a bit earlier tonight! Very excited 😊

19 February 2019

Walked up Mt. Tuahara today and ran into this girl who I’ve been running into since we took the bus from Auckland together (we also saw each other at Wai-O-Tapu and in Rotorua we stayed at the same hostel)..all without planning so it was quite hilarious to run into her again! Anyway the path up the mountain was quite steep, often overgrown and you sometimes needed your hands and feet to get up. But the reward was the 360 degree view at the top. The second picture shows the view to the coast and to Napier (the wine region). The third picture shows Taupo (we’re I’m staying one more night) and the third picture shows Mt. Ruapehu (the biggest mountain on the north island). The national park it is in is where I’m heading tomorrow (more accurately I’ll be in Turangi the town closest to the national park). From there I’m doing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on Thursday! Glad I have a rest day tomorrow because I ended up walking over 15km today 🥾🥾

18 February 2019

I‘m in Taupo! Which is the name of the town and the biggest lake in New Zealand..found a cool little Hostel here (without bunk beds) that also has a nice courtyard to chill in! Met another Sabrina today who has her bed across from me and we walked around town and had pasta for dinner 😁 didn‘t do much else because she‘s doing the Tongariro alpine crossing tomorrow (7 hour hike) which i‘m doing on Thursday so i‘m excited to hear what she says! As for me I found a nice little hike to a mountain nearby for tomorrow and if i‘m up for it, I might do another hike to the Huka Falls! So today here‘s me sharing my hostel life and for those that haven’t seen on instagram my hiking “tans/sunburns” are starting to show 😂 sun here is brutal!!

17 February 2019

Today I did the Tarawera Trail. It‘s a 15km track through New Zealand Busch (thankfully without snakes, poisonous spiders or anything that wants to kill you like in Australia) with views of Lake and Mt. Tarawera. Mt. Tarawera was actually the last volcano in this area to erupt (in 1886) and created the lake I saw from all angles today! The walk ends up at hot water beach which doesn‘t look like much at first but the secret is to dig so the hot water from the hot springs below comes up and you can have a nice soak (perfect for tired feet). The water taxi picked us up there and drove us back to the staring point. I‘m leaving for Taupo tomorrow so will have to do some packing now..hope you guys have as lovely a Sunday as I did ☺️🥰

16 February 2019

Didn‘t post anything yesterday cause it took almost the whole day to get from Piha to Auckland and then to Rotorua! Rotorua is a small town (65.000 people) that mostly profits from tourism because it is located in the center of the geothermal/volcanic zone of New Zealand. And trust me you can smell the sulphur everywhere in town (apparently you get used to it but so far I can‘t agree 🤢)..anyways, today I got up early and went to Wai-O-Tapu (Maori for Sacred Waters) which is where the pictures are from! No filters on these pictures so you can see how amazing the colors of these hot springs are! Also went to see Lady Knox Geyser erupt (last picture)..found a small shuttle bus company that takes people there and picks them up and we got very lucky with a cool guide who told us a lot about the area! After getting back I had ice cream at the lakeside and went to the visitor center to make plans for my hike tomorrow (details will follow 😉)

14 February 2019

This morning I met Alexandra who is from Romania but lives in Salzburg. We went down to the beach at 11:30 for low tide to see the „keyhole“ and the southern part of the beach that is otherwise cut off. Afterwards we took a short hike to KiteKite Falls and took a dip in the freezing water! It is so hot out today so i‘m staying in the hostel for a bit and then heading back to the beach for sunset! I’m heading back to Auckland tomorrow and will take a bus from there to Rotorua (4.5 hours).

13 February 2019

Slightly late update today cause I was at Piha beach (45 min west of Auckland) until 8:30 pm today to watch the sunset! 🌅 There’s no public transport to Piha but I managed to get a seat on a shuttle bus (operated by a guy named mike who drives back and forth once or twice a day)..there is also no supermarket in Piha only a small cafe that has some sandwiches (see picture) so I stocked up on some groceries beforehand in Auckland! After I checked into the hostel (which is awesome) I went to the beach and stayed in the shade for a while cause I’m still super white 😅 after the two days of hiking I was glad to just chill and read. In the pictures you can also see “Lion Rock” which Piha is famous for. Now I’m showered and fed and ready for the 2 small hikes I intend to do tomorrow. Good night 😴

12 February 2019

took the ferry to Rangitoto Island today and walked up the crater..really felt the 17km from yesterday in my legs today but I powered through and well, as you can see, the view was well worth it 🌋

11 February 2019

Coast to Coast Walkway! Walked about 17km today from the city center, up to the volcanic mountains and down to the coast on the other side of Auckland. Exhausting (because it was 27 degrees) but so much fun.

10 February 2019

Took a long overdue shower and decided to head outside: 1. because the weather was beautiful (see photos) 2. to fight the Jetlag! I walked down Queens Street (the main shopping street) and followed it to the docks where it becomes apparent why the city is called “city of sails.” Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of construction going on in the city so I’m thinking of heading further away from the city center tomorrow.
last minute switch to a window seat gave me this view of the sunrise in Dubai!

9 February 2019

A 16+ hour flight later and I’m finally in Auckland! As you can see in the photo I snagged myself an aisle seat in the very front row so I had lots of leg space! In fact the whole space in front of me became cluttered with people stretching, waking about or entertaining their kids..Dubai-Auckland is actually the longest commercially chartered flight in the world! For perspective: when we reached Perth in Western Australia we still had 7+ hours of flying time left (that in itself would be a long flight)! But despite the massive amount of time changes that end up confusing the hell out of you I have to say the flight was overall very good. Emirates has great service, great food (I ate all 3 meals and was pleasantly surprised), good seats that recline quite far and I got to watch bohemian rhapsody 😁
Currently sitting at my gate in Munich and starting to feel the excitement! I have a 6 hour overnight flight to Dubai ahead of me now and tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way to Auckland on a 16 hour flight 😅 Today is the 8th and I arrive in Auckland on the 10th at noon! Just wanted to tell all of you guys thank you for all the lovely messages (and some meet ups) I’ve had in the last couple days. Only gone for 6 weeks but it was nice to know I’ll be missed 😉 super cute bracelets sponsored by Leo 😘