Europe, North America · 20 Days · 37 Moments · July 2014

Mel and Bee California

31 July 2014

Shopping and leaving America πŸ˜”

29 July 2014

Sightseeing :)

29 July 2014

Last day San Francisco! Meeting Julia and Mario, Car broke down, manicure and pedicure with Michael
Last roadies!!!! Arrived in San Francisco. Got a new car now!!! 1969er Alfa Romeo. Live at michaels flat

26 July 2014

Emerald pools

25 July 2014

On the road again, destination: Lake Tahoe. Sleeping in front if mc Donald's πŸ˜‚
Had breakfast and on the road again

24 July 2014

Leaving ocean beach πŸ˜” San Clemente meeting shaun and Taylor, Mexican restaurant and crazy bar

23 July 2014

Surfin San Diego, borrowed Ofiers Board :)
Arrived yesterday in SD again, salmon skin sushi again and the boys :) Now at the laundry!

22 July 2014

Route 66 and josemite national park
Good morning desert

21 July 2014

Camping in Death Valley
Death Valley, Nevada, hot springs Tecopa

20 July 2014

Waiting for waves
Hermosa Beach and bar hopping on Hollywood Boulevard 😎

19 July 2014

πŸš• Bye Molly, Jimmy, Ori and Ofier. So nice to meet u!!!

18 July 2014

Stayed a few days longer than expected with Ori and Ofier. Had our personal Surfing teacher πŸ„

17 July 2014

Fishtacos @ South Beach Restaurant
A little pardy never killed nobody. Having fun with Shayne and the Oreo bros
Oooops again no morning selfie possible

16 July 2014

San Diego Beach getting our first surfing lessons πŸ„
Had breakfast, now in the road again!
Good morning San Diego ... Let the sunshine in β˜€οΈ

15 July 2014

At the Camping Place
Hello San Diego
First night in the Penthouse, First Good Morning selfie. Coffee β˜•οΈ at Laguna Beach

14 July 2014

Laguna Beach - First night sleeping in our penthouse camper (First night together by the way :D)
Venice Beach and just experiencing LA. Getting to bed with my American crush
Getting our camper πŸ’› Malibu Beach On our way to San Diego - starting the roadtrip πŸš—

13 July 2014

Had a great night out. Let's go to the Beach now!!

12 July 2014

Super tattoo, super Wein, supergeil 😎
Appartement in Hollywood :) Shopping and First Date for the evening ... ;)
Finally LA airport waiting for our luggage

12 July 2014

Flug ΓΌber GrΓΆnland. Zum Zeitvertreib "der Medicus"
Boarding in Frankfurt
Travelling day! Actually waiting in Frankfurt for the flight to LA