Philippines · 1 Days · 5 Moments · April 2016

รู้ทลีน climbs Noah

10 April 2016

The Sunset Down from the Noah, here’s a beach. The sunset is so beautiful that it relaxes your tired body.

9 April 2016

This is the first mountain that I climbed. It might be just a small mountain, but this is an achievement for me.
Noah We started climbing the Noah by noon time. It was totally hot. The mountain was dry. There are trees and grasses but they look dry, too. It was very delicate to climb the mountain because it was too steep. By around 1:30 PM, we were able to reach the top. A lot of people was there at the top taking pictures and selfies. It was hot at the top. We took a rest there. Before the sunset, we went down. It might not be safe to go down by night.
St. Lucy Parish Church I love churches. Whenever I visit a town, the first thing I visit is the town’s church. This church looks good in its white and blue color. Narvacan’s patron saint is St. Lucy.
Narvacan is a town in Ilocos Sur, Philippines.