Thailand · 6 Days · 9 Moments · November 2015

รู้ทลีน in Bangkok for the Third Time

10 November 2015

Dessert: Sticky Rice with Black Beans
Lumphin Park in Bangkok
Dove Feeding outside Grand Palace. Outside Grand Palace, in a park, there are doves. A woman hands you seeds. And then doves will come to you for the seeds.

9 November 2015

Aroma Soap - These aroma soap in p*nis shape are weird.
Breakfast in the streets of Bangkok 🍵
A mirror selfie inside Chinatown Hotel.

8 November 2015

A Banana Fruit - I was amazed with this banana! Its sooo loooooooong!!! 🍌
Thai Newspaper - I was curious about this newspaper. How I hope I can read these curls.

5 November 2015

Wat Traimit Wat means “Temple.” That’s why all temples in Bangkok starts with “Wat.” Wat Traimit is my favorite temple. Its just a three-minute walk from Centra. This is where a friend, which is a monk (wont mention the name, he is the adviser of King Bhumibol) lives. Wat Traimit is in gold roof and marble walls. Well, most temples in Bangkok are also gold. Statues of Buddha are also gold. I experienced a feast (same with Semana Santa in Philippines) in Wat Traimit. It is where Thai People pray inside a small temple and then walk around that small temple seven times and make a wish. Thai people believe their wishes become true. For me, I wished for getting a nice job. I respect Buddhism, and I believed that my wish becomes true.