Thailand · 7 Days · 7 Moments · July 2015

รู้ทลีน in Bangkok for the Second Time

6 August 2015

Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand’s widest airport. Before, there was no Suvarnabhumi. But there was Don Meung airport in the center of Bangkok.

5 August 2015

Chyna Restaurant Chyna is a restaurant inside Centra, 12th Floor. Its menu consists mainly of Chinese Food. You can eat your food outside (the back) the restaurant where you can view the Wat Traimit Temple, although its hot because its sunny, you wont feel to much skin irritation beause its windy. In front of Chyna (outside), there is man made pond with blooming lotus.

4 August 2015

Steamed Rice This is how they cook their rice here in Thailand. They use a weaved buri and then places it in the boiling water. The advantage of cooking it this way is that it doesnt get sticky or dry.

3 August 2015

Photos of the King and Queen inside Wat Traimit Temple

31 July 2015

Bangkok Midday Coming back, coming back. This view is taken in my room at Centra in 10th Floor. My window in my room is full glass, edge to edge thats why I can view whole Bangkok and view the sunrise every morning. But I dont usually witness the sunrise becausr I do walkin
Buddha Day Buddha Day is just like Semana Santa in Philippines. Fro Buddhists, they have his ritual where they pray in a temple and then walks around it seven times and then say a wish. They believe it will come true.
Centra Central Station Centra is located in the center of Bangkok. It is near the Hua Lamphong Station and Wat Traimit Temple. I find it more comfortable than Bangkok Centre Hotel where I stayed last time. Centra also offers breakfast buffet. The buffet consists of creamy soup, fresh fruits like papaya, pineapple and watermelon, breakfast gang like egg, bacon and sausages, fresh salads with different dressings, bread whre you have the option to toast it or not and with different fruit jams to chose from, coffee, chocolates, milk, and different Thai foods.