Japan · 13 Days · 46 Moments · November 2017

S D's tour through Japan

17 November 2017

Finally embarking on the long trip home.
Ok I didn't have high expectations but holy shit owl cafe was awesome! You could pet them, and the otters would scream for food and grab at your fingers then sniff with their soft noses. So. Many. Owls. Sleepy meerkat, tired hedgehogs, and a tortoise who would not stop pacing through the whole place.
Packing up to leave D: We get one more morning to have fun before our flight home.

16 November 2017

Korean bbq, so much delicious meat in Japan!
Ueno zoo!

15 November 2017

Ramen all day every day. This was advertised as tonkotsu ramen but we couldn't tell if it was milk in the broth or what that made it like that, but it was delicious! I want soft boiled eggs like that in everything I eat I should just order extra.
Some little purchases from various Akihabara shops today! The pikachu looks weird because he's supposed to be hanging on top of a glass with his face pressed into it.
Delicious pork bowl for lunch! I don't think they really appreciated me paying in coins, but I'm accumulating too much..
Woke up with a serious case of the sniffles, but there's always mystery bread products from Family Mart waiting for breakfast! Every time I pick something it's an adventure, but we did find these delicious chocolate filled buns that way.

14 November 2017

Yet another excruciatingly long day of travel, but we made it to Akihabara!
Goodbye to a beautiful view!

13 November 2017

Dinner was intimidating, to say the least. I think we were able to identify 50% of what we ate. The rice with browned edges was really delicious, and they served perfect ripe melon for dessert. It was an experience? We're doing it again for breakfast. Private outdoor hot spring is still an experience, but one I could get used to! Will report back after sleeping on tatami mats.
Looong travel day and more transfers than I can count but we made it here! I don't really want to wear a yukata but?
Leaving Osaka to go stay at a ryokan (kind of like a Japanese style bed and breakfast) near mt Fuji for one night! Yet another trip on the bullet train.

12 November 2017

Poking around Osaka aquarium before we go in!

11 November 2017

This is apparently a food blog now. We spent most of the day on trains, from Kyoto to Osaka then to Kobe and back to Osaka. For dinner at the train station I had to go take a photo of the display to order because no English menu =X It was super delicious though! The crab was very sweet, and we finally figured out the mystery vegetable that kept showing up in our tempura. In the front of the bowl, with all the holes? It's lotus root! I've been eating it without being sure what it was for days now. Last thought. This meal was also very cheap! It's still so shocking to me to be paying so little, $8~ for a plate of food.
Pit stop in Kobe at a teppanyaki joint for kobe beef!
Ok so we checked into the hotel in Osaka and the room is super big and spacious. But. THIS is view from our window. We are dying laughing here!
Moving to Osaka today, Mistake reminds me that I carry the weight of my own blunders.

10 November 2017

Visiting a cat cafe because that's required for a Japan vacation, right?
Fushimi inari shrine.

9 November 2017

I ate three pieces of sushi and hated every bite :( I really wanted to like it though.
A walk though the park surrounding the imperial palace, really beautiful and so big! And sweet roasted chestnuts on the way back to the hotel. Remind me why chestnuts aren't everywhere at home?
Kobe sukiyaki bowl for lunch at Hafuu!
Walking through Kyoto today! Stopping in the manga museum.

8 November 2017

Udon again! This time it's different, you put sesame and vegetables into the broth, then dip each bite of noodles into it before eating. Sooo delicious!
Welcome to sunny Kyoto? Our hotel is inside a shopping district, it's really neat placement!
Made it on the shinkansen towards Kyoto!
Trying to make it to Kyoto!

7 November 2017

I think one of the sad parts of travel is when you find a food you love, but know you'll have to leave it behind when you head home! These $1~ cream filled buns are so delicious :(
We named him Mistake and it was accurate. He's so squishy and perfect I love him but I bought him and then we decided to go to the aquarium, thinking that I could rent a locker to store him in. Nope. Since Trump is visiting all the lockers were closed off in an 'anti - terrorism' move. We got him at the Pokemon center!
Sunshine City Aquarium! They had the coolest run where the sea lions swam above you, and a tank where you can watch the penguins swim.
Animate store was pretty intense! Next, a break in Higashi Ikebukuro Central Park. There are cats here and they're a little much!
Tempura for lunch!
Exploring Ikebukuro today!

6 November 2017

Atlantis castle! Gelato (with corn flakes on the bottom?). Ariel's Grotto, and Journey to the Center of the Earth.
DisneySea adventures today!

5 November 2017

Had crepes at Tokyo Tower and went up in the elevator to see the city!
Udon for lunch under ground! Plus a trek through Hibiya park. The place we ate udon at was so interesting, it was one of many restaurants in these hallways above a train station. There were two stories of places to eat, but most of them were closed on Sunday.

4 November 2017

Solid 24 hours of travel time from door to door, but we made it to the hotel finally! The uber driver on the way to the airport had something fall off his car while driving. First flight was delayed, but the subsequent 13 hour flight went off without a hitch. Now, sleep (hopefully)!