North America, South America · 11 Days · 38 Moments · August 2017

Ryley's adventure in Peru

5 September 2017

Today we got up and ate breakfast for the last time at our hotel in Machu Picchu. We boarded the train back to Cusco. The ride takes about 2 hours to get there. From there Cynthia's dad picked us up in Ollantaytambo and brought us back to Cusco. We picked up our luggage from our hotel and had 2 hours to waste. Melissa and I went to the souvenir market to waste time. When we got back we waited and then got in the car to head to the airport. We checked in and then boarded our plane. This flew us to Lima and our driver brought us to our original hotel. We ordered Papa Johns pizza and then rearranged our luggage. We went to the grocery store and got a few snacks. We got back and our pizza was there and we pigged out. It was just like pizza back home. We then showered and packed up and got in bed to get ready for our flight home tomorrow.

4 September 2017

Today we got up and ate at our new hotel but only had bread rolls there. We then went to buy our bus tickets to Machu Picchu and boarded the bus. We took the bus to Machu Picchu mountain and had to pay to use the bathroom. Afterwards we hiked up the mountain and took some amazing pictures of the Incan ruins. We then went down to the ruins and walked among them and took more pictures. We saw some more alpacas there. It all took about a couple hours. Afterwards we took the bus back down the mountains and ended up having lunch at a small diner. We then went to a couple shops around town. After that Melissa, Haylie, and I went to the market and looked at local items. We came back to the hotel and had some tea. Later that evening we went to the hot springs and had some drinks. We had a great night, it was so much fun! After that we came back to the hotel and packed up for the next day when we head back to Cusco.

3 September 2017

Today we got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. We then gave our luggage to put in storage. We went to the church clinic and played with the kids. We sang songs and gave them gifts. We headed to Ollantaytambo. We ate lunch on the hills there. After that we went to the train station and dropped our backpacks off. We went and climbed the mountain to get a good view of the Incan ruins there. After we climbed down and went through the small shops there. We ate dinner at a new restaurant which took forever but turned out to be the best dinner so far. Afterwards we ran to our train station and boarded our train. It took us to Machu Picchu and we checked into our hotels and got ready for the next day. To end the day Carter was born!

2 September 2017

Today we got up and ate the usual breakfast. We went to the same hospital clinic as before. It turned out to be nurses day that day. So all the nurses had off. We watched the doctor do paperwork with about 5 patients and then watched him do and abdominal ultrasound. After that we left at lunch time and enjoyed it at the sacred valley again. We then came back to the hotel and had a paper to write up about specific disorders. After that we had a suture and vaccine class. The suturing was basic single stitch technique. We finished up the class with our presentations. We went to Paddys Pub for dinner and took a taxi ride there. The pub was awesome with some American food. Cynthia tried Fireball for the first time there. We rode back to our hotel in a taxi and settled in. We were going to Ollantaytambo the next day.

1 September 2017

After our free time we went to dinner at a restaurant where they have a buffet and a show. Our leader danced there. We had to get on stage as well and dance. We ended the night in the hotel to get ready for the next day at the clinic.
Today we got up and ate the same breakfast. We headed out to the clinic which was a small hospital today. We toured the hospital and saw the surgery room. This is nothing like our surgery rooms back home. It's very unclean and unsterile. We had to wait on the doctor to get out of his meeting so we toured the town. It was desolate. We got to a courtyard and there were some people and dogs. We played with a little puppy who then chased us and latched on to our ankles. When we finally got away we went back to the clinic and spoke with the doctor. He said it was the first of the month so they would all be doing paperwork to send to the government and not seeing patients. So we folded gauze into 4x4s for a couple hours. We then left and ate lunch at the sacred valley. It was beautiful there. We left from there and went back to our hotel for some free time. I finished up my application for UF BSN program during this time.

31 August 2017

Today we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. We had bread rolls and pineapple again and some more hot tea without milk. We went to the clinic and set up again. We had less patients today than yesterday. The patients today seemed to have more problems than the day before. We dealt with a lady we were sure was having heart troubles, we had a little girl with a lesion on her mouth, we had a lady with arthritis, and a boy with some kind of respiratory infection. We ate lunch at the clinic again. We had fried chicken and potatoes. We ended about 3 and came back to our hotel. We rested for about 45 min then a few of us went to finish up souvenir shopping. We ate dinner at a restaurant right next to our hotel. I had spaghetti. It was ok a little sweet but decent. Afterwards we fed our leftovers to the dogs at the park. They didn't seem very interested. We went back to our hotel to prepare for the next day of the clinic at the hospital.

30 August 2017

We finished the night with more souvenir shopping and came back to our hotel to rest up for the clinic day tomorrow.
Today we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. We had a bread roll, pineapple and pineapple juice. We then drove to the clinic and set up. We had an elderly couple waiting on us and they were elated for us to help them. We had several patients of all ages. We dealt with patients with headaches, stomach problems, herpes, fainting spells, and UTI. Some patients we had to refer to the hospital because we did not have the adequate materials to help them. We had one little girl come in with her mom and she was so cute! She hung out with us most of the day. She was having a blast! Another family came in with a little girl who was terrified of us because she had received a shot the day before. We ate lunch at the clinic and finished up there around 3:45. We came back to the hotel for about 30 min then went out and did some souvenir shopping. We ate dinner at a Peruvian Burger King. I really didn't care for the burgers but the fries were great!

29 August 2017

Along the way back they surprised us with a stop at an alpaca and llama zoo. We fed them greens and had a lot of fun. Donna got spit on by one of the llamas. We made our way back to Cusco and came up and rested for a couple of hours. We went out for dinner after and got pizza! We had some drinks as well to celebrate the day. We came in early to get some good rest for the next day when we open our clinic in the am!
Today we got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. It consisted of hot tea without milk, pineapple, and bread roll with butter. We then set out for our home visits about an hour and a half away. We got to see beautiful scenery! Lovely mountains and even some snow capped. We drove down to a valley and had a quick discussion in the church. We then went out and started our home visits. These visits were mostly like a census and setting up appointments for the next two days. We had to speak only in Spanish to these people. It was complicated but we managed to accomplish what was needed. We ended up with about 22 appointments for over the next two days at our clinic. We left from there and traveled a little ways back and stopped. We hiked the side of the mountain and set up a picnic and had lunch. Cynthia's mother cooked us lunch which was a meat and rice combo with veggies. It was wonderful. We stayed there for a little the traveled back.

28 August 2017

Today we got up super early and we went to the airport to fly to Cusco. There we met Cynthia and drove to our hotel. We got settled in and then got lunch. I had limon trout and potatoes. It was delicious! We then toured around the city and went to a courtyard. In the courtyard there were 3 alpacas! We took a ton of pictures with them! They were so cute! We left and the minute we walked out the lady handed me this baby goat and wanted to take pictures. We then came back to the hotel and rested for a couple hours. After that we went back downtown and ate dinner. I had vegetable kabobs. The girls from Michigan (Haylie and Melissa) ate guinea pig and Allie and Donna had alpaca. I got two north face jackets for super cheap which was much needed in this cold weather. We came back to our hotel and rested for the next day!

27 August 2017

Today we got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. Which was a bread roll and fruits. We then had class starting at 9 learning Spanish phrases and clinic information. We brought out our donations and sorted through everything and repacked our luggage for our next flight. We had to figure out how to narrow down two luggage bags to one equaling 50lbs. We broke for lunch at 1 and had wonton cheese sticks and chicken with spaghetti. It was delicious. We also had passion fruit juice. We then went to the mall and got Starbucks. We came back and had a class with a doctor who taught us more Spanish. We ended class around 7 and had dinner. I skipped dinner because I was sick but the night ended well with late night talks with the girls. Fly out to Cusco tomorrow morning at 9 and have to be out by 630am

26 August 2017

Today we flew in to Lima and experienced a culture shock. Very few people speak English. We met up with our guide and traveled to our hotel. We saw a wreck, people fighting in the street, flag girls dancing in the street to make money, and people selling food and water in the roads. Traffic is crazy. Our hotel is similar to a house and is run by a church organization. There is no a/c just windows that open (which it's freezing so it doesn't really matter.) We exchanged money a couple blocks down with a man in a courtyard (which is apparently illegal.) We then went to the huge 4 story mall and walked around and found a place to eat. Only one person in the restaurant spoke English and was not able to wait on us. Luckily we had our guide with us who spoke for us. The food was delicious and the ketchup is different here. I also had a frozen lemonade that tasted super fresh. We made it back to our hotel and got settled in for the night. I finished up my fasting/devotional with only one day