Israel, Palestine · 8 Days · 17 Moments · January 2015

Ryan's adventure in Palestine

2 February 2015

House of Hope in Eizariya

1 February 2015

From Tel Aviv sunset, to the dark (but safe) streets of Bethany

31 January 2015

Mount of the Beatitudes. Capernum. Breathtaking

30 January 2015

Tent of Nations. Some of the most beautiful land and the most compelling story I've ever heard
Bethlehem and Morning run around the Old City Walls

28 January 2015

Can't get over how beatify this land is. Everywhere you look.
Balata refugee camp. Amidst the most powerful example of heartbreaking repression and persecution, we were inspired that peacemakers are active.
Coolest "water closet" (bathroom) I've seen so far :)

27 January 2015

Today we met with our first imbedded Peacemakers in the region: Sami and Shaoul. Sami is a Palestinian Christian and Shaoul is a Jewish Israeli Settler. They are working together to promote understanding and develop community between the conflicting groups that live side by side. They think that by knowing the "other" in a relational way, it will be one step toward making the fear driven violence more of a rarity than commonplace.
Onto the other side... West Bank. The separation wall is larger and more expansive, and more intimidating than I ever would have thought from pictures.

26 January 2015

Hezekiah's tunnel. 3000 years old, hundreds of feet underground. 5 football fields in length - made it through safe!
Dome on the Rock. Spectacular, we were virtually the only people there due to security protocols - very dicey situation and high level of tension surrounding this site
Rampart walk on the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem. Amidst all the chaos, recess goes on at this school :)
Morning circle, introduction of the trip. The light is shining on is and in us.

25 January 2015

Walking through Old Town Jerusalem - night time = empty corridors!
Many photo opportunities at night, couldn't resist posing for a few of them... This is in the heart of the Old City in Jerusalem, we entered from the Damascus gate and walked to the Western Wall, a very sacred Jewish holy site
This Menorah is outside the entrance to Tel Aviv's airport: Ben Gurion. Signature of Sculptor at the bottom: Salvador Dali