Nicaragua · 38 Days · 20 Moments · August 2014

Ryan y Katie chicken bus it in Nicaragua

5 October 2014

Tranquillo times on Lil Corn Island🌴🐠☀️

2 October 2014

We spotted baby turtles! They were trekking to their new home & we helped them along the way🐢👍

1 October 2014

Little Corn island- a Caribbean island off Nicaragua. Our white sandy beach turquoise water relaxation spot for 1 week!

27 September 2014

In Leon, Nicaragua we hiked up Cerro Negro volcano and rode down on wooden boards. Took us 1.5 hrs to hike up and 1 minute to slide down, but soo worth it!
Mombacho Volcán with a fellow San Diegan, Kristen. Storm clouds rolled in shortly after we arrived, but got a quick glimpse of the crater & felt the heat of the thermal vents.
Masaya Volcán, 20minutes away from Granada. Standing a little too close for comfort. Still very active!

21 September 2014

Laguna de Appoyo, Nicaragua. Wknd break from Granada with our friends Amy & Marcus. Sooo refreshing, especially in this constant heat 😝

15 September 2014

Cruisin Ometepe on our bike!
Ometepe's natural water spring➡️Ryan in a tree➡️rainbow after the storm

14 September 2014

Petroglyphs of the island

13 September 2014

Ometepe! An island made up of two volcanoes, emerged from the great Lake of Nicaragua.
Gotta love the Chicken Bus snacks! En route to Ometepe for the weekend.

9 September 2014

Our apartment in Granada for the month. It feels great to call a place home for awhile.

7 September 2014

Surf sesh and exploring la playa!

5 September 2014

Headed to the beach for the weekend. San Jaun Del Sur is quite the little party surfer town.

4 September 2014

We can cook like nicas too!

31 August 2014

We have a thing for the doors here in Granada

30 August 2014

Graffiti & art in Granada
Yumm! Rice+beans+plantains=most meals here

28 August 2014

Arrived in Nicaragua! 2 chicken buses, a ferry, desolate border check at a ranch & another shuttle later. First stop León.