North America · 16 Days · 19 Moments · July 2014

Ryan and Katie visit Honduras

14 August 2014

Our last night in Honduras. The little town of Copán was quite a treat. Even found a nice little German Brewery and had some authentic homemade German beer and food. Next stop - Antigua Guatemala. Early start tomorrow to our 7 hour journey.
Copán ruins
White water rafting in La Ceiba, Honduras. A little too much fun 😁! Swipe➡️

12 August 2014

Spectacular views and bountiful wildlife in the Honduran jungle.
Hiking thru the plush jungle. Ended the hike soaked with sweat from the unforgiving humidity.
Our amazing jungle bungalow!

11 August 2014

We met a nice Dutch couple to continue our journey with to Honduras

10 August 2014

Last day on Utila. It's been fun!

6 August 2014

Quad riding around the island

5 August 2014

Diving on the North side of the island.. Saw a blue spotted eel, eagle ray & sea horses

4 August 2014

Babalou's, with some friends

2 August 2014


31 July 2014

This is the island life. North side of Utila.
Reunited with my boy Tomas! Highest point in Utila. Pumpkin Hill
Fresh Water Caves. Feeling great after a hot day of cruising around the island on a quad.
Our little house on a lagoon, aka swamp.

30 July 2014

Train - Bus - Plane - Plane - Plane - Puddle Jumper - Tuk tuk 🚊➡️🚍➡️✈️➡️✈️➡️✈️➡️🌊🚀➡️🏡

29 July 2014

Vamos a Utila! Starting it off right with a business class seat on Amtrak. #backpackinginstyle