North America, Asia · 6 Days · 12 Moments · April 2019

Adelholtz trip to Japan, 2019

18 April 2019

Nice lanterns near a restaurant we liked (I think).

17 April 2019

OMG kitties!!!!
The bus ride with our fun tour guide
OMG this store was so confusing they had maps on the floor every 20 feet or so.

16 April 2019

These various panda snacks are adorable!!! And extremely popularšŸ¼

15 April 2019

Streets of Ueno

14 April 2019

Dinner time!!! All of the fake representations of meals on the menu
Beautiful cherry blossoms
At Ueno park zoo. Robin says this cute kangaroo is really smelly.
Ruth's new favorite bird. The shoebill stork. Huge! Big bill!

12 April 2019