United States of America · 8 Days · 9 Moments · November 2017

Smith Springs of Frijole Ranch, Salt Flat, Tx

18 November 2017

The trip down was much quicker!
The Springs are just beyond the halfway point of the trail. A cool, shady spot full of trees and the sound of water. Not much water was visible, but it was running. Mossy rocks, handrails and a bench mark the area.
Used All Maps app to track my hike. I liked it a lot. The trail was rocky and not shaded for the most part. Would not have enjoyed this trip in warmer weather!
I kept hearing birds. Then a much louder rustling. Two Javelina were making their way along the trail. One stopped about 12 feet in front of me, watching me watch her, sniffing the air. I moved behind a large rock and waited for them to mosey along up the mountainside.
There is a small historic museum area at the trailhead. The buildings that belonged to early settlers are open for viewing. The 2.5 loop trail starts as a paved path, behind the buildings. Additionally, a horse path is available.
I stopped at McKittrick Canyon visitor’s center first, for maps then on down the road a few miles to the Frijole Ranch, in search of Smith Springs.

11 November 2017

I’ve been trying to get to the Guadalupe Mountains for a couple of years now. I actually missed the peak color changing season, but it was still beautiful and I plan on going back.