Europe · 19 Days · 201 Moments · November 2017

Ruth's journi to Europe 2017 Begins

14 December 2017

Hanging from many balconies in Barcelona expressing political views and solidarity for Catalonia
No uber here. Black and yellow everywhere
The before and after roof pictures of the Cathedral of Barcelona
Pat on the roof of the cathedral

13 December 2017

Caught unawares
Sitting on a lamp post bench
Touring the apartment in Le Predrera
More apartment pictures and Gaudi designed furniture
Pictures from the attic museum
Taken on the rooftop of La Pedrera
Roof top photo with Saguda Familia in the background
More La Pedrera rooftop photos
From the outside of La Pedrera
Another Gaudi
Honorable mentions along the way of the Gaudi walking tour
The walkways of Barcelona are paved with these Gaudi designed tiles. They really come alive when wet
Waiting for our second Brian tour
Barcelona pigeons
One less pigeon in the world
Olympic Stadium Barcelona games 1992
More hop on hop off I don’t know what though
Hop on hop off sites Barcelona
Arc De Triomphe Barcelona

12 December 2017

Today’s wine stop
We had some of this for lunch
Kind of liked the red bike on the balcony look
Art to honor human castle builders...look it up
St. George the Dragon slayer
Something I saw in Barcelona
Brian our guide
Walking tour sites
Unearthed in Barcelona from the second century

11 December 2017

There will be no pictures of the flamenco show
Our dining companions at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Restaurant
The Nativity from Sagruda Familia
For the choir of 900, goes all the way around
Pillars are palm trees
Replica of doors for the Future Ressurection side (under construction)
The resurrection side
The school that Gaudi built for the children of the workers
About to be wowed
The rain in Spain drops mostly off the trees
Sites along the walk to the Sagrada Familia tour...Barcelona

10 December 2017

Almost 3 hours late arriving in Barcelona due to this
Farewell MS Grace
Passing barges
Morning begins on the Rhine River

9 December 2017

In front of the amazing cathedral in Cologne
Jeremy our cruise director
Ready for the gift exchange
Just one of many similar churches along the Rhine

8 December 2017

Two of the acts from the crew’s show
Our festive river boat
The lights along the Rhine
One way to serve ketchup as mustard
Some Nativity shots
Marilyn’s hat hair
On to the cookies and special coffee with brandy
Music box museum in Rudeschiem
Walking into Rudeschiem
Cozying up to our new neighbors
Pictures taken from the cabin of our river boat
The places we’ve been, the places were going
Vera’s angel hanging on the MS Grace tree

7 December 2017

Taken from the streets of Heidelberg
Holy Spirit, the Jesuit church, and it’s interesting nativity
Christmas market sites in Heidelberg
The Rhine Valley taken from the Heidelberg castle
Karola, our guide
The courtyard of the Heidelberg castle
Entering Heidelberg

6 December 2017

After the tour Champagne
Beatrice our guide
Feeling the need to redecorate
I know that person
The casino in Baden Baden
Otto Bismarck, the first to implement universal healthcare for Germans
The town theatre
A mail truck
If it’s blue it must be Baden Baden

5 December 2017

The creche at Notre Dame
Notre Dame in Strasburg
It’s Christmas
The drive into Strasburg
New day new city
Welcome back!
The name of our ship and one of our guides

4 December 2017

Sites from Colmar
Catherine our guide
More pictures of the Christmas market
A nativity in Riquewihr
The layers of Alsace The man and his hot wine
About to enter Riquewihr
The wine region of France

3 December 2017

Just one of the buildings on the Novartis campus
The view from the bedroom
The view from our window on a riverboat in Basel
On board waiting for a room
Scott and Luciana’s house

2 December 2017

Christmas market in Basel
At City HalI downtown
Someone’s clever idea
Go back through the Tonnele by metal sculpture named tingly
Our lunch place
Folks on the train
From the train in Basel
Scott and Luciana’s house

1 December 2017

Views from our train
Snow-covered hills Switzerland
On our way to scott and Luciana’s

30 November 2017

The Duomo
First selfie
The altar space of the Duomo
The tippy top to scale
One of three
Inside the crypt
Around 50 of these pillars in this church
Like standing at the base of the redwood tree
Inside the truly magnificent Duomo of Milano
The crucifixion by Giovanni Donato Monteforo in the same building as the last supper
Leonardo da Vinci‘s last supper
Window shopping in Milano
The tippy top
It’s beauty is in the details
This city is big
View of Milano from the roof of the Duomo
Always restoring something
Just Dan on the roof
Up the stairs we go
Statues everywhere
From the roof of the Duomo
The hotel with the keys
Our day in Milano begins

29 November 2017

Upper church saint Fermo
Lower church at Saint Fermo
Romeo Romeo where for art thou Romeo
People are interred here. Up high.
A pretty roadway
First stained glass of the day
Saint Anastasia church
Walking to another church
Objects added to show full nativity scene
Assumption of Mary Chapel surrounded by frescoes
San Giovanni
Not exactly lovely weather
Saint Zeno Basilica
An altar on the side
A church of frescoes
Who is Saint Zeno
Behind the altar at the Basilica
The nave Saint Zeno Basilica
The bronze door in Saint Zeno Basilica
Remarkable painting of the crucifixion with nails
The Roman bridge in Verona

28 November 2017

The plaza in Verona
First Christmas sighting as we enter in Verona
The altar of relics
Santa Maria Glorioso
Found in Santa Maria Gloriosa honors sculptor named Canova

27 November 2017

Walking the streets of Venice
The senate chamber at the doges palace
Doges throne
Golden staircase in the doges (nobleman elected as president of Venice) palace
Cleaned and unclean universal cross this is part of that church St. Mark’s
To doge (dough geez) palace
This building is an island
Church of Saint John and Paul
Marco Polo‘s neighborhood
From the era of Marco Polo 1300s
Some of the 54,000 people that live here 87000 come into the city each day to work
One of 400 bridges
Our guide Rosanna
The entrance to St. Mark’s
Waiting for our tour in a sunny place
Cold morning in Venice
St Marks Square
This morning’s hotel breakfast

26 November 2017

Night time in Venice
Checking into our hotel
No cars in this town
Stopped for coffee to get warm...A lopsided spoon
Walking in the rain while waiting for a room to get ready
Taken from the grand Canal
Here is Dan in the water taxi heading from the airport to Venice