Russia, Qatar · 4 Days · 10 Moments · May 2018

Russia Recce

31 May 2018

FFH Festival Olympiat Park hotel is 1hr 15 mins away from city centre outside of FWC time. Allow plenty of time, esp when in city part as traffic very likely. Once out of city you end up in industrial park type area . Great facility for FFH Festival. Ex Olympic games athletes village and training ground. FIFA especially constructed pitches. Some other renovations also underway in preparation of FWC. Set in nice woodlands. Conference theatre room plus F+b areas inside. Very secluded and located north of city. Sfw will send joining instructions and details of days content in due course.

30 May 2018

Luzhniki Stadium Very easy walk from metro to stadium. All guests walk through Entrance Pavilion from metro (1A-E on map in pics) then funnelled out up towards the stadium itself. With crowds expect this to be at least 30 minutes to get from metro to stadium, even though it is 5 mins away . On consideration of routes, lack of VAP probably, interest in the metro architecture (the metro stations are a Russian feature) as well as being part of the fan experience, recommend to take the Metro to the FWC matches from the President. Allow 1 to 1.30 hour travel time for this each way with a 10 min walk from hotel to metro. There would need to be a strong 'buddy' system in place between ambassadors and chaperones, and hi vis hat, coat etc for all travellers. It is quickest way to get from President Hotel and definitely need the local co-ordinator to navigate the very Russian signage as you need a metro change en route. Note a FAN ID centre also here.
NGO Best Buddies / Perspectiva Activation venue will take about an hour from The President. Workers with Xavi 13 Jun and Youth 27 June 1400-1700hrs. Venue self contained with facilities. Venue hire, snacks and water to be agreed ahead and paid to venue at event. Youth expect 55 guests and Workers similar plus media of which 20 participants will have mental health disabilities. Parking agreed. Car reg required

29 May 2018

F4D Outdoor activity venue Gorky Park (20 mins) and local park (10mins) next to hotel. Good venue potentially to do the outdoor F4D activity. Research required to find flat grass area. Videos of walk from hotel to parks on separate files
President Hotel - outside, reception areas, bedroom plus rooftop terrace
President Hotel menu - For review when booking f and b with Selim
Food Options Mr Livenets was central. Halal. Food was okay. Lebanese. Okay for evening if in town. 2nd restaurant good lunch time venue. Very good grills in cosy mezzanine part of restaurant. Reasonable cost about 40USD per head. Do not go in evening as it also a karaoke bar. Very close to Intercon in centre. Taj Mahal also recommended but didn't visit. Indian and local foods halal. Central.

28 May 2018

Cultural highlights Red Square area sights and Gum Plaza which has very expensive boutique shops. All in same area. Met potential tour guide. Youth group too large to do a walking tour of culture highlights. Worker group tour to take in red sq, Kremlin, st Basel , sparrow hill (metro trip) 3hr tour 10,000 RUB for up to 15 pax plus metro ticket. 4000 RUB more per extra hour. Boat tours Both group to inc Raddison Hotel boat tour. Easier to manage large group on boat. Boat has glass cover in case of rain. Lasts 2.30hours, does a round trip and takes in main sights from river. No commentary however you can hire a tour guide to accompany groups if wish too. Boat approx 1000 rub pp. Action- Research boats and potentially get Soud/ Wolfgang to buy tickets for group. Russian State Circus (Youth) 25 ticket purchased for Wednesday 27 June 7-9pm show. Will need to eat there or nearby on way back. Will be at Best Buddies during day. Will need to change and go straight.
The President hotel meeting facilities. A number of 25 pax capacity rooms. See pics. They have a balcony terrace restaurant with a great view over Moscow and one conference room has a this also which can be used to set up lunch. They can provide AV screens for our presentations. Action: confirm meeting rooms for both groups. Dress rooms accordingly for Youth den
DME Airport 5 hour flight. Compact airport it appears with pretty efficient customs, luggage collection. Baggage claim area starts immediately after the passport control and it is a tight space. Would be a good idea to keep the groups on the side, away from areas with people flow. Upon exiting luggage collection area, some FIFA desks are setup (for Transport) already. Stalls for telcomm companies selling sim cards available adjacent to information and FWC desk. We each got a russian sim card with unlimited local calls and internet package for a month only for 30 usd. The exit out of the airport was smooth and the walk to the car park where we will get our transportation is only 200 metres away. The return was more chaotic with more people at drop off. Airport is : 1.5 hour away from centre in off peak Action. DEK & RDA will be at international arrivals to receive main groups. Allow 2.30mins to transfer back to hotel which plus hotel check in for multiple participants