United States of America · 3 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Russell's 80$ Cross Country Excursion

30 June 2017

Today i spent my day roaming the Jacksonville area in search of a farm that might contain mushrooms for harvesting. I started out walking the local arbetoreum, but to no avail. I had 2 farms mapped and felt confident one of the farmers might let me walk thier pastures with a little smooth talking. The first farm had nobody present, so i walked a portion of the perimeter but saw nothing. On my way to the second farm i noticed a pasture just as i was exiting the highway and made a slight detour. This was merely a house with a decent sized pasture next to it at the end of a dead end road largely obscured from sight. There also seemed to be nobody home here, however there were several cows outside the pasture walking freely in the front yard. I cautiously began walking around the yard a little before realizing nobody was going to come out of the house. So i began to check each cow pie of which there were many all throughout the yard. In the end i managed only to scare the herd into a frenz

29 June 2017

Im sitting in bed at my friends house relentlessly weighing the pros and cons of taking a trip across town to a farm. The cons of getting caught tresspassing on private property are obvious; jail or fines. However the pros to taking this trip are the possibility of walking away with some mind and mood altering psychedelic mushrooms. The kind of mushrooms that only grow on cow or house manure, generally speaking. Even before this journey, that started in my hometown in Upstate New York, shrooms had been calling to me. I dont know if everyone that has experienced a good trip has the same thing happen to them; Once a year or so, or at times of high stress and confusion in my life it seems, i have this urge to eat shrooms and take away to a quiet place. Its as if they have the ability to sort out the confusion in my head and remind me of what is important to me. We get fed so much bullshit sometimes, and my mind starts to believe aspects of it. Shrooms seem to straighten my path again.

28 June 2017

It was earlier today that i realized why i had to leave the way i did. I had to be "All in" and i cant look back. Someone once said that if u really want to make something happen, and you are willing to do whatever it takes then you need to burn every bridge behind you! If you leave yourself no choice but to move forward and make ur dreams come true, and you want it bad enough then you will do the leg work and find a way to succeed. I believe the only way people truly change is through hardship and pain. Without these driving forces we become complacent and sort of tuned out from the way we are living. We will continue down this path even to the point of destroying our own physical, spiritual and emotional well being. The thing that motivates us strong enough to change is pain. Whether it be internal or external, the fact that we struggle in some way is the sign that our lives are unbalanced. The changes can be minor, or they can be the start of a life of fulfillment and happiness.