Germany, Jamaica · 16 Days · 117 Moments · June 2017

Rudolf's Abenteuer in Jamaica

2 July 2017

Back in Frankfurt

1 July 2017

On the Airport Check in
Last coffee
Get allready to leave
Get allready

30 June 2017

Stay Home tonigh
Rain start now
Go to relax
Back to Summerset Village
Order some Food on the Beach
Get allready for the Beach

29 June 2017

Goat Curry zum Geburtstag And cake and coffee after
3 dives Restaurant
Sunset in Negril Beach
On the way to Negril
Get hot today

28 June 2017

Stew chicken and fry chicken from 3 dives
Bar next to Ricks Cafe Waiting for the Sunset
Get allready for Sunset
Have a Drink on the way
Coffee in the late morning
Relax on the Pool verry hot Sun

27 June 2017

Goat Curry and Fry chicken
Have a coffee and Mangos
Make the Hair

26 June 2017

On the way to Summerset Village
On the Beach Negril
Get some Lunch
Sunny Day

25 June 2017

To late for Sunset
Coffee Time
Negril Beach
Chillout no Rain
Seven Mile Beach Negril
Art Market at Negril
Sunday morning

24 June 2017

YS Falls
Lunch Time
Treasure Beach
Treasure Beach
Akee and Saldfish
Taxi to Treasury Beach
Waiting for breakfast

23 June 2017

Its time for sleep
Stay Home tonigh
On the rood
Right one is verry sweet Left one more sour Nice
Ice cold Vodka and orange juice
Its time for a pool Clean up

22 June 2017

Some Rain to cool down
Coffee Time
On the way to get some Food
Its time to make a muve

21 June 2017

New Friends
Rain start in Negril Time to go Home
Good Food
Nice seasoning

20 June 2017

Sunset next to Ricks Cafe
Dancehall Girl get allready
Coffee Time

19 June 2017

Waiting for Sunset West End Negril
Negril beach
Strand von Negril
Good place to eat in Negril
Lunch in Negril town
Dressing Room
Good morning

18 June 2017

My Love is back
My room Nr 206
Have a good one
Restaurant in Summerset Village
Back Home
Lighthouse in West End Negri
On the rood
Nice Baar on the rood
Erster coffee bevor ich zum Frühstück gehe

17 June 2017

Summerset Village Room Nr.206
Nur noch 57 Minuten
Der North Atlantic Ocean beginnt bei Brest
Endlich geht es los
Condor Airline to Jamaika
Ankunft am Flughafen
Stärkung im Zug
Bahnhof in Würzburg