Brazil · 4 Days · 28 Moments · September 2016

RubyConf 2016 - São Paulo - Brazil

25 September 2016

That is it! Bye bye Sao Paulo! ✈️😊
Now this is time to go home. A Cappuccino Moca Mix with a nice cookie before catching my flight. 😋
China Town
Ibirapuera Park

24 September 2016

And that is the wrap. Akita is thanking us for being here. Awesome keynotes!
Refactoring monolith apps to micro-services.
Docker for Lazy people! o/
Cache implementation for Web Apps. Jean C. Emer, Software Engineer from
How to keep you relevant by Nando Vieira. Heroku Engineer.
Starting the second day! #rubyConfBrazil2016

23 September 2016

Using Elixir in the Rio Olympics 2016
immutable.JS and React
Code Climate founder talking about code Quality. Awesome!
Journi at RubyConf 😎
The closed Floor! Amazing talks will happen here
Welcome to the RubyConf Brazil 2016
With the Ruby Sorcerer Fabio Akita

22 September 2016

Got my Conf kit 😎 Tomorrow morning will start at 9AM till 6PM with a little break for lunch. #rubyConf #2016
Bovespa Building
Walking around Sao Paulo.
Eating the most famous sandwich of São Paulo: "Sanduiche de Mortadela"
Finally 😎
✈️ Next stop: São Paulo! ✈️